Life at KU

A superlative experience awaits you at Karnavati University. Your morning starts with a scrumptious breakfast at the mess, you afternoons are spent in immersive classrooms and workshops, your evenings will be sprawled under a moon-lit sky jamming with you friends at Anticlock.

Here you will find, knowledge, wisdom, insights, immersive projects, fun, frolic, celebrations, friends and mentors.Here you will find knowledge, wisdom, ideas, inspiration and here you will carve your path to your aspirations.


At Karnavati University we pride in the diversity of our students, as it is the very roots of our country. And thus the culture we foster at Karnavati University is to celebrate every festival and occasion. We celebrate diversity for in it lives unity.

We foster the culture of inclusiveness at Karnavati University, and we believe in open minds that are accommodative and adaptive. It is a world of equal opportunities and equality! Celebrating every achievement and moment is our very DNA.


Holistic development being our anchor, and a humungous green campus being our differentiator, we have built in an extensive sports infrastructure. From a football ground, cricket ground, basketball court, badminton court, gym and a lot more. The day at Karnavati University unfailingly ends with power-packed matches.

The recreational infrastructure at Karnavati University ensures an active lifestyle and a health-focused environment.