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Automobile & Transportation Design

The course equips students to function as a professional designer in the automobile and transportation industry. UID’s Automobile & Transportation Design course is unique in its scope of interest dealing with the whole transportation design field in cooperation with the industry. Besides being technology-driven, the course has been designed paying equal attention to important factors such as consumer needs, environmental concerns, socio-economic conditions and ecological contexts. The course throws light on the ethical responsibilities of a professional automobile and transportation designer along with offering a blend of creative designs and automobile styling skills with elements of ergonomics and marketing. At UID, students learn to handle complex automobile and transportation projects using a multidisciplinary approach.

The course offers students an opportunity to quickly explore their design ideas and bring them closer to reality with the help of tools such as powerful 3D software and rapid prototype. Students are encouraged to have a balanced thinking process on conceptual ideas and detailed realistic design solutions.

Automobile and Transportation design is the process of designing the appearance of road vehicles including cars, vans, buses, two-wheelers and trucks as well as aviation, marine and rail-road vehicles. With the transportation demand in India’s burgeoning economy growing rapidly, factors such as consumer needs, cultural sensitivities and environmental concerns are being paid a lot of attention when it comes to designing automobiles.Worldwide, automobiles are the second largest purchase after residential properties. The design and aesthetics of an automobile is essential and decisive for its success. Design triggers the impulse to buy.

Industry Snapshot

Increasing globalization has led to a rise in the demand for mobility, leading to stiff competition in the automobile and transportation industry. Since by now, all vehicle companies have high technical standards, state-of-the-art technologies and new production possibilities, visual identity and attractiveness are the new catchphrase in the sector. Automobile and Transportation Design has become one of the most important factors for commercial success. The automobile and transportation industries contribute to several important dimensions of nation building, including generating government revenue, creating economic development, encouraging people development and fostering R&D and innovation.

Programme Prospectus

The Automobile and Transportation Design programme at UID is a mix of strategic-thinking design methodology that encourages innovation and offers marketing and communication insights along with providing fundamental learning in design. The highlight of the programme is its collaboration with the industry for workshops, seminars and live projects to build networking with the industry and provide a semi-professional experience to students while pursuing the course.

Course Outline

The course aims to provide students with the necessary skills and understanding needed of a professional designer in the automobile and transportation industry. The course covers all aspects of the automobile and transportation industry including mass transportation, public and private transport, rural and urban transport as well as motorized and non-motorized transport.

Objective of the Course
  • Address the needs of the automobile and transportation industry holistically
  • Develop thorough understanding of the various disciplines of automobile and transportation design
  • Develop the necessary skills to practice as a creative professional in the industry
  • Analyze research concepts, study current markets and create strategies for future product designs
  • Understand the socio-economic and cultural contexts behind consumer needs
  • Seek relevant solutions for the industry that address the societal and environmental concerns
  • Develop excellent marketing and communication skills to be able to work with a team
Course Content

The course will broadly cover the following aspects:

  • Introduction to Automobile and Transportation Design
  • Fundamentals of Sketching
  • Concept Sketching & Digital Rendering
  • Design Communication
  • 3D Representation Techniques
  • Vehicle Packaging Design & Branding
  • Design Culture
  • Environment, Socio-economic & Cultural Aspects of Transportation
Career Prospects

Majority of automobile designers work in the concept and design departments at large automobile manufacturing companies. Car manufacturers are always on the lookout for innovative and creative designers who can boost sales and make them stand apart with their new ideas.
Salaries of automobile designers vary depending on numerous factors, including their talent, experience and location.

Programme Structure
Learning Model
Banibrata Sarkhel

Fellow & Chartered Engr.
M. Tech, BITS, Pilani

Rakesh Sharma
Assistant Professor

BA, Rajasthan Univ.
ITI (Carpentry), Directorate of Technical Education, Jodhpur

Priyam Parikh
Assistant Professor

M.E. (Mechatronics), Gujarat Technological University
B.E. (Mechatronics), SP University

Harshil Dharia
Assistant Professor

PG Diploma (Digital Modeling), DYPDC Centre for Automotive Research and Studies, PUNE
Diploma (Automobile Engineering), Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology, Baroda


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