Agate Stone Workshop

Design education is not only about learning about the ultra-modern design trends but also exploring the older ones to get design inspirations and create beautiful products that will showcase a wonderful mélange of fresh ideas.

UID believes in imparting hands-on education through the help of artisans who are the masters of their crafts, in this case, it’s the aged old and one of the most famous crafts of Khambhat, Agate Stone.

Generally, artisans of Khambhat make products such as Home decor related products, Showpieces, Jewellery, and various other accessories using Agate stones of different colors.

In this three-day Agate Stone workshop, students of Lifestyle Accessory Design, Fashion Design, Product Design & Interior Design (Semester-3 and 5) understood how artisans of Khambhat work and make their products using various stones, techniques, get to know tools used and then developed their own designed products.

Selected students even prototyped their ideated designs, exploring different techniques with Agate stone.

We hope that these kinds of workshops will help the students to know their roots, help them get accustomed with various types of art and crafts of India, giving them the opportunity to explore new ideas and enriching them with experiences.