Design is to perceive the
mundane differently.

Unitedworld School Of Liberal Arts And Mass Communications

The Unitedworld School Of Liberal Arts And Mass Communications (USLM) is a departure from conventional arts colleges in India offering a bachelors of arts as it has curated the curriculum to suit the international standards offering knowledge in the most extensive range of subjects that even the top BA college in India would find hard to compete with. This arts and mass communication college in India is brilliant in academics and comprehensive in extracurriculars for the complete development of students.

For a mass communication college in India, USLM offers the exposure akin to art colleges in a Foreign University due to its industry connections that even the best BA colleges in India lack. This top BA college in India only seeks to create the intellectuals of tomorrow for a better world..

Liberal Arts

History and geography no longer limits the ambition and world-view of Young India. To paraphrase William Shakespeare, the world is their oyster and they have the right and the freedom to prise it open to win the pearl inside.

The BA (Liberal Arts) Honours programme is designed for such talented and ambitious young people. It provides them with practical and intellectual tools, skills and abilities to probe and respond to the challenges of the new world in an holistic manner. Based on the principles of critical and analytical thinking, the programme draws from a wide variety of disciplines across the huge palette of human knowledge and experience, in order to give the students the widest possible opportunity to become a well-rounded global citizen of the 21st century.

Mass Communications

Communication -wise, we are in exciting times. Communication technology has been changing breathlessly and in the process we are changing our language, lifestyle and even thought processes. The subject Mass Communications is in great demand among the younger generation today because they live in this changing world and would like to follow it step by step. No other subject gives them a greater opportunity to understand this change better than Mass Communications. The opportunities, too, are boundless.

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