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Unitedworld School Of Liberal Arts & Mass Communications

The Unitedworld School Of Liberal Arts And Mass Communications (USLM) is a departure from conventional arts colleges in India offering a bachelors of arts as it has curated the curriculum to suit the international standards offering knowledge in the most extensive range of subjects that even the top BA college in India would find hard to compete with. This arts and mass communication college in India is brilliant in academics and comprehensive in extracurriculars for the complete development of students. For a mass communication college in India, USLM offers the exposure akin to art colleges in a Foreign University due to its industry connections that even the best BA colleges in India lack. This top BA college in India only seeks to create the intellectuals of tomorrow for a better world.

History and geography no longer limits the ambition and world-view of Young India. To paraphrase William Shakespeare, the world is their oyster and they have the right and the freedom to prise it open to win the pearl inside.

The BA (Liberal Arts) Honours programme is designed for such talented and ambitious young people. It provides them with practical and intellectual tools, skills and abilities to probe and respond to the challenges of the new world in an holistic manner. Based on the principles of critical and analytical thinking, the programme draws from a wide variety of disciplines across the huge palette of human knowledge and experience, in order to give the students the widest possible opportunity to become a well-rounded global citizen of the 21st century.

The programme awards a BA (Liberal Arts) Honours degree on the completion of 3years (6 semesters). In Semesters V and VI, the student will choose to major in one of offered areas of specialisation.

For students who wish to enhance their career opportunities, they can opt for the Advanced Diploma programme of one year (2 Semesters) on completion of their BA (Liberal Arts) Honours programme.

The design and structure of the programme opens up a multitude of opportunities to a student who may wish to pursue careers in various fields in India or abroad, or to continue further studies in Masters and then Doctoral programmes in India or abroad. The programme structure and pedagogy is specially designed so that the student can smoothly integrate himself or herself into programmes in other universities in various countries.

  • Early exposure to multi disciplinary approach
  • Course structure specially designed to meet international standards
  • Classroom sessions enhanced through masterclasses and interaction with experts
  • Specialised faculties imparting knowledge of practical & intellectual tools to meet the world
  • Opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities outside classroom
  • Short immersion programmes in India and abroad
  • Certification workshops by reputed institutions
  • Site visits
PROF. Jayanta Sengupta

IIM Calcutta

DR. Jhuma Basak

PhD (Psychology), Kyushu University, Japan

DR. Kishor Bhanushali

PhD (Economics, Gujarat University), MBA (Finance)

MA (Economics, MSU)

DR. Anirban Bandyopadhyay

PhD, MPhil (History), Centre for Historical Studies, JNU, New Delhi

MA (History), Centre for Historical Studies, JNU, New Delhi

DR. Debarati Halder

PhD (Law), National Law School of India University, Bengaluru

ML, LLB, University of Calcutta

DR. Sudhanya Dasgupta Mukherjee

PhD, M-Phil, Jadavpur University

PG in Film Studies / English Honors, Calcutta University

DR.Shyno Baby N

PhD (Comparative Indian Literature), University of Delhi

MA (English Language and Literature), University of Calicut, Kerala

PROF.Srotaswini Bhowmick

MLitt, MSc (Philosophy of Cognitive Science), University of Glasgow, UK

MA (Philosophy), Jadavpur University, Kolkata

PROF.Vinai kumar

MSc (Ergonomics)

BE (Mechanical Engineering)

Design Education Training, NID, Ahmedabad

PROF. Riva

MA (International Relations), University of Sheffield, UK
BA Honours (International Relations), PDPU, Gandhinagar

PROF. Udayprakash Sharma

MA, BA (Political Science), M S University, Baroda

Sinduja Rangarajan

MA (Journalism), University of Southern California
MA (Mass Communications), MICA Ahmedabad
Data Reporter and a Data Fellow at “The Centre for
Investigative Reporting at California”

Samir Varier

TV & Corporate Communications
Media Planning & Research, MICA
BCom (Adv. Accountancy), GU


FRSA – Chartered Marketer
MA in Adult Learning & Professional Development from University College, London
Pursuing Master’s Degree in History of Ideas from Birkbeck, University of London

DR. Rangan Chakravarty

PhD in Media Studies from University of Sussex, UK
Master’s in Comm. & Media Studies from New School of Social Research, New York, USA
MA in English literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay

Director and CEO of InQube Innoventures
Founder Director of Unitedworld
Alumnus of IIM Calcutta
MA in English literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Manasa Bollempalli

Pursuing PhD at Rutgers Uni (NY)
MA in English Studies (Copenhagan)

DR.Vinod Agrawal

Ph.D. (Anthropology), University of Wisconsin,
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Mentor at Media Research Centre,
School of Communication, MAHE Manipal
Founding VC, Himgiri Zee University, Dehradun
Founder Director, MICA, Ahmedabad

Arks Srinivas

PGDCM – IIM Calcutta,
B. E (ECE) – Osmania University

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Among the top design

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity.
21 june 2018

Among the top design

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity.
21 june 2018

Among the top design

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity.
21 june 2018

Among the top design

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity.
21 june 2018