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Unitedworld School Of Liberal Arts & Mass Communications

The Unitedworld School Of Liberal Arts And Mass Communications (USLM) is a departure from conventional arts colleges in India offering a bachelors of arts as it has curated the curriculum to suit the international standards offering knowledge in the most extensive range of subjects that even the top BA college in India would find hard to compete with. This arts and mass communication college in India is brilliant in academics and comprehensive in extracurriculars for the complete development of students. For a mass communication college in India, USLM offers the exposure akin to art colleges in a Foreign University due to its industry connections that even the best BA colleges in India lack. This top BA college in India only seeks to create the intellectuals of tomorrow for a better world.

Communication -wise, we are in exciting times. Communication technology has been changing breathlessly and in the process we are changing our language, lifestyle and even thought processes. The subject Mass Communications is in great demand among the younger generation today because they live in this changing world and would like to follow it step by step. No other subject gives them a greater opportunity to understand this change better than Mass Communications. The opportunities, too, are boundless.

Karnavati University offers a newly structured three year comprehensive course on Mass Communications which will make the student face the world with full confidence, be it in the electronic media, the online ’web’ media or the traditional worlds of print and corporate communication. In media, nothing is the same today and at Karnavati, the students will feel the change.

The first two years are divided into four semesters where the students are introduced, step by step, to all the streams of media and communication – be it print, web, television, radio, cinema, advertising, public relations, events. In the third year, which is a trimester, they choose their specializations – whether it is Print & Cyber media, Broadcast Media & Cinema or PR, Advertising & Corporate Communication.

The students will be exposed to the latest technologies and softwares in up-to-date studios so that, at the end the course, they are industry-ready. They will be exposed to actual hands-on training through internships, interface with industry experts and skills certification courses. The courses are planned with utmost care so the students can satisfy their curiosity in all the latest developments in communication.

A media student here learns not just the skills, but also the ‘context’ – or the hows and whys – of communication: why media is called the ‘fourth’ estate, how to avoid ‘fake’ news, why social media has become so popular, what is the difference between digital media and the traditional analogous media, what is the next phase of the smart phone?

  • Best faculty, who combines industry experience with academic rigour
  • Opportunity to learn all the media-related softwares and other personality skills
  • Pedagogy is based on field experience
  • Internships in media houses, backed by master classes of eminent journalists
  • Opportunity to learn a Foreign Language
  • Professional Certifications in addition to the Degree
  • Opportunity (optional) for studying abroad
Preeti Das

Theories of Communication
PhD (Pursuing), MS. Mass Communication
BA, St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad

PROF.Arvind Kumar

Digital Media
PG Diploma (Mass Communications), IIMC, New Delhi
MA (Archaeology), BHU, Varanasi

PROF.Arijit Das

Broadcast Media
MSc (Media Science), West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata
BSc (Mass Communications, Advertising and Journalism), International School of Business & Media

PROF.Parth Mistry

Audio-Visual Production and Photography
Masters in Development Communication, CDC, GU
PG Diploma in Audio-Visual (Television Production), Gujarat Vidyapith
BVA, M.S University, Baroda

Cyrus F. Dastur

Film Studies
Founder, Shamiana Arts – Short Film Club

Rupam Jain

Television, Story Data Mining and Print Media
MA (Business & Economics Journalism), Columbia University, New York
BA (Hons.), History, Political Science and English Literature, Loreto College, Kolkata

Jignesh Vasavada

Radio Programming
Masters (Communication Studies), M S University, Baroda
BSc (Physics), Gujarat University

Amit Panchal

Digital Marketing

Supriyo Chaudhuri

FRSA – Chartered Marketer
MA in Adult Learning & Professional Development from University College, London
Pursuing Master’s Degree in History of Ideas from Birkbeck, University of London

DR.Rangan Chakravarty

PhD in Media Studies from University of Sussex, UK
Master’s in Comm. & Media Studies from New School of Social Research, New York, USA
MA in English literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay

Director and CEO of InQube Innoventures
Founder Director of Unitedworld
Alumnus of IIM Calcutta
MA in English literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Manasa Bollempalli

Pursuing PhD at Rutgers Uni (NY)
MA in English Studies (Copenhagan)

Sinduja Rangarajan

MA (Journalism), University of Southern California
MA (Mass Communications), MICA Ahmedabad
Data Reporter and a Data Fellow at “The Centre for
Investigative Reporting at California”

DR.Vinod Agrawal

Ph.D. (Anthropology), University of Wisconsin,
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Mentor at Media Research Centre,
School of Communication, MAHE Manipal
Founding VC, Himgiri Zee University, Dehradun
Founder Director, MICA, Ahmedabad

Arks Srinivas

PGDCM – IIM Calcutta,
B. E (ECE) – Osmania University

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Among the top design

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity.
21 june 2018

Among the top design

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity.
21 june 2018

Among the top design

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity.
21 june 2018

Among the top design

Among the top design institutes in India, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a rarity.
21 june 2018