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Announcement Admission

B.Sc. Film Making Specializations and Areas of Mastery

1. Direction and Screenplay:
The ‘Direction and Screenplay’ course at Karnavati University unveils an unparalleled journey into crafting narratives – on paper and on screen. While the Screenplay department would see you create a world in time, space and with characters; the focus in Direction would be to realize it in front of the camera. Our unique curriculum in the 3rd semester encompasses a comprehensive understanding of script development in terms of the dramatic narrative structure with all its fundamental understructures. Braise yourself with the theory and practice of basic directorial elements like the Decoupage, Mise En Scene and Montage; as they could be used in the creation of a seamless continuous event through the dynamization of Time and Space. Simultaneously, familiarize yourself with the creation of a nonfiction multi-camera shooting set up after a stint with a Production Design workshop. Develop your all-round abilities by learning about Psychology and figuring out the functioning of Indian Arts and Aesthetics. In the fourth semester, practice the writing of writing for nonfiction and see through its implementation through the making of a short documentary. This semester would also see you dabble with narrative forms that go beyond the Dramatic Narrative and into the realm of Continuity of Ideas. Deal with Adaptations, Ethno fiction and the legacy of the Genres, learn the subtle art of harmoniously working with actors and update yourself with the latest in Indian Media and Cinema laws. Writing for OTT, the Series and the episodic format is what is in store in the 5th semester. Practice all that you have imbibed in the college in the Song Picturization, Advertisement, Plan Sequence, Dialogue Sequence and Experimental Cinema modules. Stay with the times as you unravel the creative potential of an AR / VR experience. Build up a feature film script in the 6th semester apart from figuring out the creative aspects of VFX, CGI, Animation and Graphics. As a culmination of the semester and the course, take responsibility for the creation of a short film from its ideation to its completion, navigating with students of other specializations during all three stages of filmmaking. At Karnavati University, we are committed to shaping directors with a versatile skill set, blending creativity, technical expertise, and cultural awareness. This specialization prepares you for the multifaceted world of directing, from traditional cinema to emerging OTT platforms, ensuring you’re equipped for a successful and impactful career in filmmaking.

2. Cinematography:
The ‘Cinematography’ specialization at Karnavati University offers a profound exploration of visual storytelling and technical expertise. In semester 3, build your foundational knowledge by firmly familiarizing yourself with the functioning of the Digital camera and various aspects of the images that they produce – the science and aesthetics of it. Practice the basic operations of the camera and related equipment, till perfection. Master the application of various block lenses in terms of the images that they produce and delve into the emotional impact of color with ‘Color Theory’. Get mesmerized by what could be done with natural and available light and the possible modulations that can be done with it. Apply what has been comprehended by getting involved in the cinematography of an outdoor three camera nonfiction exercise. Wade through some basic studio lighting that a Production Design module would lend itself to. Get acquainted with some basic concepts of psychology and get introduced to the Indian art aesthetics. Semester 4 would see you figure out details of studio lighting including indoor-outdoor exposure matching and master certain key concepts like keying and contrast. Open up to the world of cameras that record on ‘logs’ and streamline the workflow involved including colour correction and Digital Intermediary. Be informed about the concept of lighting patterns and familiarize yourself with such patterns commonly used in different genres. Practice the art and craft of shooing a documentary, figure out what would it mean to work with an actor and update yourself with key aspects of Indian laws on Cinema and Media. Semester 5 would see you plunge into the world of recording visuals in the ‘raw’ format and the workflow that is necessitated by it, including an advanced understanding of the DI process. Learn the intricacies of lighting sets in a large studio. And get an opportunity to practice your craft through an array of modes and forms of filmmaking like Music Video, Dialogue Sequence, Plan Sequence, Advertisement, Experimental films and Creative VR. Get introduced to super high end cameras, drones, cine jibs, steady-cam etc. in the final semester apart from figuring out the integration of your craft in VFX, CGI, Animation and Graphics. Finally, get involved in all the three stages of production of a short film as a showcasing capstone project. An internship in the industry would make you ready for the outer world. At Karnavati University, our ‘Cinematography’ specialization equips you with a multifaceted skill set, marrying artistic vision with technical finesse. From foundational principles to avant-garde techniques, this program ensures you’re prepared to embark on a successful career in visual storytelling, offering a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and cultural awareness essential in today’s film industry.
3. Editing:
The ‘Editing’ specialization at Karnavati University is a comprehensive exploration of the intricate art of shaping narratives through editing. In semester 3, establish a solid foundation by learning the basic techniques of editing, delve into its aesthetics and navigate the systematic operation of the editing software. Explore what it means to edit standalone visuals and distinguish it with the world of editing visuals with sound. Grasp the intricacies and master the shaping of simple narrative plots and events through seamless continuity of time, space and action apart from getting acquainted into the world of editing multi camera nonfiction set up and production design. Also, braise yourself with the concepts of psychology and the aesthetics of Indian arts. In the 4th semester, immerse yourself into the art and craft of editing that goes beyond physical continuity and into the domain of continuity of ideas. Figure out for yourself the established stylistic tropes of editing for genres, apart from mastering the craft and operation of DI software and the work flow for ‘log’ editing. This semester also sees you traverse into the world of editing for nonfiction, especially the documentary. Get a glimpse of the finer aspects of working with an actor and how performances shape up the edit patters. A short module in Media and Cinema Laws would help you prepare yourself to the outer world. The fifth semester is where you would practice what is learnt hitherto through various modes and kinds of filmmaking such as Song Picturization, Advertisement, Sequence Shot, Dialogue Sequence and the Experimental Filmmaking; as well as conduct an examination into emerging medias – like creative AR and VR; as well as content beaming on OTT platforms. In the final semester, learn the integration of Computer Graphic Images, VFX, CGI, Animation and Graphics into editing. The culmination of the semester and the year would be an involvement in a portfolio building capstone project consisting of a short film where you figure out the process of editing in the preproduction, production and post-production stage. The internship process that you would undergo would complete your preparation prepare of your entry into the film industry. At Karnavati University, our ‘Editing’ specialization ensures you acquire a versatile skill set, blending creativity, technical finesse, and a keen understanding of the industry. From foundational principles to advanced techniques, this program prepares you for a successful career in the dynamic field of Editing.
4. Sound Recording & Designing:
Karnavati University’s Sound specialization course would be a wide-ranging course on aspects of recording sound for media and films; and the creative designing of it various modes of finished works. In the third semester, learn the fundamentals of acoustics and the science of it. Figure out, practice and master the use of various mics available in various acoustic conditions. Steer yourself into the aspects of Digital Work Station (DAWs) and find comfort in the practice of various sound soft wares. Get introduced into the various elements of Stereo track Sound Designing. Utilize the knowledge gained in recording sound for multi camera nonfiction set ups. Get a handholding in Production Designing, Indian Arts and some basic concepts of Psychology. Semester 5, figure out the exciting world of Location Recording for fiction; and the subsequent elements of track cleaning, Laying Tracks, Foley, Dubbing and music recording. Figure out what it means to design sound for various genres. Attain mastery in recording, smoothening, leveling and mixing of sound for Documentary. Acquaint yourself with the intricacies of working with an actor to extract a performance, amidst chaos and know our country’s laws on Cinema and media. Semester 5 deals with surround sound – making tracks and mixing for it. Distinguish the treatment of sound for a feature film for theaters and for OTT platforms. Figure out what it means to record and design sound for various modes and types of film making – like Advertisement, Music Video, Sequence Shot, Dialogue Exercise and Experiment films. Explore the treatment of sound in creative AR and VR. In the final semester, learn the finer points in details on music recording and mixing as well as integration of sound into VFX, CGI, Animation and Graphics. The course would culminate in the making of a short film getting involved as a sound recordist and designer in all the three stages of filmmaking. Cap this training with an internship with a sound studio or Location Recordist and be ready for the industry. At Karnavati University the ‘Sound Recording & Designing’ course imbibes theory and practice that paves way for the student to have a keen ‘ear’ for sound that would make him / her take a deep plunge into the film and media industry. From foundational principles to advanced techniques, this program prepares you for a successful career in the dynamic field of Sound.
5. Acting:
The ‘Acting’ specialization course of Karnavati University helps bring out the performer in you by incubating the body and the mind, the self-control of which results in authentic enactments that enriches mediums of expressions in Film and Media. In the third semester, get introduced to the basic principles of Acting in relation to the camera and the various methods historically available – the Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Lee Strasberg Method Acting etc. In this semester we concentrate on acting for the stage and distinguish it with acting for the recorded medium. The body, voice and the mind is trained for self-control through various preliminary workouts including aerobics, yoga, voice training, body rhythm, observation exercises etc. Get yourselves introduced to some basic psychological concepts that would supplement the acting process and gain insights into the Indian art aesthetics. The students also go through the process of Production Designing and the experience of Anchoring in a multi camera nonfiction set up. In the fourth semester, gradually absorb the specific macro methods while preparing for a role like the study of the script, character analysis etc..; and engage with working out the micro elements needed for such a preparation – getups, costumes, properties, make up, mannerisms, traits, auditioning etc.. An advanced level of training of the body, mind and voice is up for the taking in this semester, this time with the active support of camera, mics, studios and the spaces involved. Empower yourself in the craft of enacting an on camera dramatic sequence in real time. In a workshop on theater performances, the students would go through the process of being specifically molded for particular characters by Directors and later, will also be equipped with the knowledge about the salient features of Media and Cinema laws. In semester 5, acquaint with the eastern way of acting with an in-depth study of ‘Natyashastra’ and practice the creation of ‘Rasa Anubhava’ for the camera. Run-through your training over these semesters by acting in a series of modes and types of filmmaking like Sequence Shots, Music Videos, Advertisement, Dialogue exercise, Experimental Films and even Creative VR experience. Semester six prepares you for the vagaries of blue screen acting apart from supporting you in getting acquainted in VFX, CGI, Animation and Graphics. Finally, showcase yourself in a short film getting involved in the process of acting in all the three stages of filmmaking. An internship in the Industry would be the culmination of the training process. The ‘Acting” course in Karnavati is rigorous in nature, multi-dimensional in nature dealing with theater, films, OTT platforms, Anchoring and evening acting for the ultra-short form of media format.