7 reasons you should pursue a degree in Liberal Arts from Karnavati University

Studying Liberal Arts opens up a plethora of career options. You can kickstart your career in the field of journalism, advertising law, politics, linguistics, publishing, and social work just to name a few. A well-rounded liberal arts education can help you evolve as a critical thinker who can think within and across disciplines. This is where our liberal arts programme comes into the picture. You can know more about the courses offered at United world School Of Liberal Arts & Mass Communication (USLM) here

Over here we discuss 7 reasons why pursuing a degree in Liberal Arts from Karnavati University will help you succeed in your career –

  1. Solid foundation: One thing that sets Karnavati University apart from other liberal arts colleges in India is that the courses lay a solid base. The first four semesters are dedicated to giving students foundational knowledge about different disciplines. They get to study the principles of psychology, philosophy, performing arts, introduction to entrepreneurship, leadership skills and negotiation and decision making. The three-year course is uniquely designed to aid the overall development of students. In the third year, students get to choose their area of specialisation. Students also have the option of earning an advanced diploma by studying for an additional year which will make them eligible for studying in foreign universities.

  2. Value for money:  Not only does the university have a very good campus, but it also has tie-ups with international universities. This can help in the student exchange programme, dual degree, direct admission to postgraduate and PhD programmes.

  3. Specialisations: The Liberal Arts department at USLM offers a broad range of specialisations belonging to a wide range of areas. After obtaining the degree, students can go to work in the field of art, education, politics, social work and many others. Some of the courses that we offer are: BA (Hons) English, BA (Hons) Political Studies, BA (Hons) Public Administration, BA (Hons) Philosophy and BA (Hons) Psychology. The USLM also offers Mass Communication courses like BA (Hons) journalism, BA (Hons) film studies, BA (Hons) digital media and BA (Hons) advertising and PR. Having so many choices can help students pursue their career in their field of interest.

  4. State-of-the-art facilities: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the classrooms and laboratories at Karnavati University foster a creative and technologically advanced learning process. Spread over 33 acres of land, the university has technologically advanced labs with all the latest equipment, well-stocked library and superior amenities available on the campus.

  5. Industry exposure: To ensure students gain real-life professional experience, regular industry visits are organised. The department of liberal arts and mass communication regularly organises lectures, workshops, talks and seminars so that students can get valuable insights from industry professionals. Internships are facilitated so that students have industry experience before they  graduate.

  6. Campus life: Karnavati University takes pride in the diversity of students. At the university, all festivals are celebrated with equal fervour. For sports enthusiasts, there are football ground, cricket ground, basketball court, and badminton court. There is a fully-equipped gym on the campus. There is a cafeteria on a huge lawn where students can chill and unwind with their friends. There are several other recreational facilities available on the campus to have a fun-filled life beyond the classrooms.

  7. Meet people from different walks of life: The range of courses offered at Karnavati University is wide. Karnavati University offers courses in design, law, management, and dentistry. You will get to meet faculties and students from different walks of life. This will provide you with ample opportunities to make friends and network with people across industries.

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