Combating COVID-19 with the Ancient Practice of Yoga

The coronavirus epidemic has spread its wings in India and the number of cases is increasing day by day. In this situation, people need to have immunity to fight this infection! Also, more than the public, Corona warriors, including doctors, nurses, medical staff, policemen and other employees are susceptible to infection.

This epidemic is the biggest challenge so far turning the whole world into a war zone. The impact of this epidemic is especially harmful for children, old people and those with low immunity. Currently, no medicine for this disease is available. We can save ourselves from this pandemic by practicing yoga and home remedies that should be included in your lifestyle. In such a situation, there are certain precautionary ways in which we can take care of ourselves.

I believe that if we do yoga correctly, it helps build immunity. Here, I would like to share some effective Yoga Asanas and pranayamas that will help everyone to fight this coronavirus if included in your daily routine.

Bhastrika– Doing this Pranayam daily strengthens immunity, is beneficial for high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, liver cirrhosis and any type of lung disease. By doing bhastrika, the oxygen level in the body increases.

Kapalbhati – This pranayama is very beneficial. It gives relief from high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, stress and other diseases.

Anulom-Vilom- By doing this posture, one gets relief from stress! Skin problems are also relieved. This asana increases the amount of oxygen released in the body along with the release of good hormones, which helps you get a good sleep.

Bhramari – Performing this action calms the mind and relieves stress. This process will help the Corona warriors stay calm and they will be able to do their work smoothly!

Udgeeth- By doing this pranayama, one gets relief from diseases like high blood pressure and stress. And the ability to fight diseases like Virus by boosting immunity.Tadasana- This will strengthen the mental and physical form. By doing this Yogasan, the addiction to cigarettes and alcohol also gets eliminated & it boosts the immunity tremendously.

Udgeeth Pranayam, Image Credits-

Sunil Kaliha, Assistant Professor, Lifestyle Accessory Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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