Do’s and Don’ts – While preparing for CLAT 2020

CLAT 2020 aspirants need not panic while preparing different law subjects. It’s not the test to see what knowledge you have it’s just to see how much you really know. While preparing for CLAT 2020 you should be aware of the exam pattern and the syllabus. This will ease your preparation because you’re aware which component needs how much attention. Your strategical preparation can help you learning fast and achieving your goal. Regular Practicing of previous papers can help aspirants the best. Don’t mug up, you need to enhance your knowledge in order to apply wherever required in questions. One need to be all rounder while preparing for any exams covering general knowledge component and hence reading newspapers/blogs/articles can be of great help. Improve your English by practicing it with yourself, appear in mock tests, self analyse your knowledge and keep practicing for the exam. Don’t stress much, be with your family, play with your friends and pets, have healthy life by regular workouts, meditations, reading novels etc. This will help you focusing better on your selves. Don’t ignore practicing your weak subjects, and at the same time don’t be over confident on the areas easy for you. You need to practice regularly in order to be the best.

• Acquaint yourself with the pattern of exam
• Understand the detailed syllabus
• Have strategical preparation
• Balance challenging and easy components
• Practice, practice and practice
• Practice previous papers
• Read newspapers/blogs/articles
• Appear in mock tests
• Self analyse your knowledge
• Have healthy life

•Don’t panic
•Don’t mug up
•Don’t be overconfident
• Don’t ignore weak subjects
• Don’t be confused

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Shrut Brahmbhatt, Assistant Professor of Law, Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

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