Fanny pack, outcome of exploring materials!

This is a fanny pack made out of metal wires (specifically copper). The thin, differently gauged wires were soldered together to create a pattern, the process termed as ‘Filigree’. Since ages, it is a form of delicate and intricate work mainly used to make beautiful fine jewellery.

This product is a result of a module named material studies. In this module, our faculties- Sunil Kumar Sir & Kumud Kedia Ma’am introduced us to different techniques involved in making jewellery and home décor products with metal. Some are hand sawing, doming, buffing, filigree & soldering. The brief for the assignment was to make any accessory (other than jewellery) or any home décor product out of the metal sheets or wires using any two techniques learnt.

I chose to work with copper as a selected metal as it is malleable which makes it easy to work with. The concept behind making this fanny pack is to create a statement piece. Then after deciding my product, I followed the design process. I first generated forms, then created detailed patterns, procured material and tools and then made the piece by soldering all detailed wires. This whole experience was full of learning. Throughout the process our lab in charge- Mansingh bhai too helped me a lot.

The main thing it taught me, to be careful with techniques, material and tools. It also taught me how to be patient and it let me follow a correct process which leads to a good result. I believe instead of designing the object, we design the journey and the process ending up with an unmatched strange and beautiful outcome!

Below are the works done by Nishka Agarwal while making her products in the jewellery lab at UID. Image credits- Nishka Agarwal.

Nishka Agarwal, B. Des. Lifestyle Accessory Design, Sem. V, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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