Learning from Nature’s Fury

The year 2020 has been a confluence of multiple disasters. It seems as if nature has kept multiple options open that can be termed as a calamity. It seems that the new era of ‘Kalyug’ has begun as the numerous stories in mythology signals towards the beginning of Kalyug. The disaster occurring in the year 2020 is not only natural disasters but also man-made; in fact, most of them are man-made.

The year embarked its dawn with the advent of the Corona Virus in January 2020. Quickly it spread over to maximum countries in the world as Chinese people are global citizens due to the rise of technological advancements. Millions of people got infected, and lakhs of people around the world lost their lives. The majority of people who lost their lives were old aged citizens and the toddlers who had lower immunity. It seems that along with the present generation, the next generation is also getting affected. The COVIID 19 Pandemic continues to touch new heights every day, with the death toll rising. Suddenly, due to changing climate, cyclones Amphan and Nisarga has also damaged the property and caused a death toll, never witnesses before. West Bengal and Orissa were the two states that were affected because of the deadly cyclone. The speed of the cyclone was 26 km per hour. The furious cyclone led to the death of more than 118 people, as per the declared figures. The gut feeling says that the loss is much higher than what is documented in the books. Soon after the Amphan, cyclone Nisarga arrived considered to be the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the Indian state of Maharashtra and Gujarat. More than 10000 people were evacuated before the advent of the cyclone.

Soon after the cyclone, an earthquake struck Gujarat at the magnitude of the 5.5 Richter scale that had its epicenter near Rajkot. Back to back life-threatening events shook the people. People start debating that Myan calendar, depicting the end of the world, was meant for 21st June 2020. However, 21st June turned out to be one of the happiest days of our lives. The date 21st June 2020 was celebrated as Father’s Day, World Yoga Day, the longest day of the year, the day of Solar Eclipse, and last but not least, Sunday. After reading, watching, and experiencing consecutive calamities, the date 21st June sounded like a huge relief. Earlier, none of us realized that life was so precious.

Most of us had forgotten to thank God. The sense gratitude suddenly took a U-turn, and most of us realized that real happiness lies in small events of our lives. We always had all the luxuries of life, but we never realized the value of life. Nature is very kind to us. It has shown the best way to live life. It has taught me to live and let other’s live. It has taught me that happiness and satisfaction can go hand in hand. Life has taught me to be more spiritual and leave all our worries to the Almighty. The current times have proved that the human race is helpless in front of nature. No matter how developed and advanced we become in our lives, we must cherish the beautiful gift of God, i.e., life.

Vikrant Jain, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

Disclaimer: The opinions / views expressed in this article are solely of the author in his / her individual capacity. They do not purport to reflect the opinions and/or views of the College and/or University or its members.

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