Let’s Talk of the Weather

There’s something about certain kinds of weather which makes everyone, even if momentarily, have that searching faraway look unto the horizon often accompanied by a sigh, sometimes not.

What kind of weather is that? What does one search for? I believe everyone might answer these questions differently or perhaps would just have a silent shrug which wishes to be a sure nod but falls short by just a bit. In moments like these the horizon is usually reflective of the extent of the depth of the perception of our own selves. That searching look is perhaps our attempt to ensure that amidst all the entanglements and distractions of making a living of the life we have, we can still find ourselves.

We are all drifters through time. I often think that it isn’t time that passes but it is us who pass through time. We are all vagrants from point A to point B. And we walk a bridge connecting these points as we walk from our beginnings to our eventualities. Some have straight simple bridges, some which need minor repairs now and then, some have tunnels and forests to pass through, some have a very windy and windy bridge often doubling up on itself, going through many twists and turns, ups and downs while some bridges are almost like rollercoasters. The possibilities are almost endless. But do we have a bridge already made when we begin? If one believes in the concepts of fate, destiny or predestination, then yes. It is all decided and we simply go through the motions. But if you don’t then I would say our bridge gets built as we walk it. What direction it takes, its strengths, its precariousness, its adventurousness et al is governed by every choice we make. So in a manner of speaking the bridge is a series of effects we tread upon as we pass through time. Quite ‘effective’, ain’t it?!

Bad puns aside, lets then return to that searching look. The look, besides ensuring that we are still there and not lost to our own selves, is also to reflect upon the choices we have made. As humans we are intuitive beings who instinctively learn. But actually applying that learning is quite another thing. As humans, we are curious and our curiosities manifest in many forms. Some are one off pass-bys, some present themselves often and eventually lose their draw but some have an allure that if once indulged in, plant a seed which grows into a wild weed with very attractive flowers, which spreads along the path as temptation and before long the weed fruits into an insidious addiction. When this happens it is that momentary faraway searching look which can be a life saver because if we do spot our self we can still pull ourselves back onto the sturdy and safe mid-section of the bridge. But these are fleeting moments which cannot be captured if one lacks intent, focus and determination. Being in love isn’t very different from this even though the differences are as critical as they are sensitive. However, to talk of all that here will be too much of a digression from the oath we have currently set out on.

If we are conscious of which weather invokes that pause of reflection within us, I believe we should just let it happen without any resistance from our self and as much as possible, from our circumstances. In today’s day and age it is especially necessary as it is getting easier by the day to completely lose one’s inner self to what lies outside. Indulgence on occasion is fine, sometimes necessary even. But as Kabir says, too much of even good things is harmful. Being conscious of our own selves is imperative. And these weather-pauses serve as boosters to consciousness. Weather is not just the climate outside but also the climate within us. And we can no longer deny the adverse effects of climate change. Thus, weather is not something to merely talk and complain about but also to sometimes pause in and reflect within.

Sambit Kumar Pradhan, Assistant Professor, School of Communication Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

Disclaimer: The opinions / views expressed in this article are solely of the author in his / her individual capacity. They do not purport to reflect the opinions and/or views of the College and/or University or its members.

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