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Today, the world is facing unprecedented challenges due to pandemic coronavirus disease-19 which has affected the human life of every caste, creed, religion, and culture worldwide. The regular life is suspended and the way we used to live our life has changed scrupulously. Amid the lockdown, we are exposed to one sentence most frequently and that is “stay home, stay safe”, as the social distancing is one of the most powerful tools to prevent further coronavirus transmission. Only God knows how long this lockdown is going to be continued so it’s time to gear up to take control of one’s life to be productive during this global crisis. We have always found ways to balance personal and professional life but now we are spending most of the time at home with family. Thus, one needs to rethink it and logically plan his or her day to balance personal life, family life, and professional life. Here, a variety of ways have been suggested to be much more efficient and to make the best out of one’s isolation day.

Personal life:
It consists of one’s relationships, interests, and activities apart from public and professional life. During this isolation, the time has to be utilized in effectively and efficiently to make strong our relationships with other family members, pursue one’s interests and involving ourselves in household activities for which we do not get time daily. So to give some ideas, I have made a list of worthwhile activities.

  1. Meditation: The persons, who are quite spiritual, may do this activity first in the morning to thank almighty God for giving us a beautiful life.
  2. Workout: It does not improve physical strength only but also improves mental strength. It boosts immunity to fight against a variety of infections. Life becomes easy when you are physically and mentally strong.
  3. Learning a new skill: We learn from every moment of life, so we all are students. In these difficult times, you can make the best use of YouTube videos to learn a new skill of your interest.
  4. Spending time with family: It is rarest of rare time that we have got to spend quality time with family members. Try to make a deep connection, talk about life with family members. It is worth the time investing.
  5. Pursue your hobbies: Indoor activities like reading, listening to music, watching TV shows, movies or sports, cooking for one’s family are a few examples. We don’t get enough time to follow our hobbies which can inspire and energize us for the rest of the activities and also impact our professional life positively.

Professional life:
Most of us have worked from office during our professional life, but the current global situation has challenged us to work from home by making the best use of technology. You need to assign a few hours for work but there may be some problems which you may encounter during work from home. At the home office, you become your worst enemy. There is no peer pressure or obligation as you are not surrounded by co-workers and no one is watching on you but at the end of the day, you find yourself unproductive and it impacts your life negatively. So, I have compiled tips and tricks on how to work from home.

  1. Choose the most productive working hours: Most commonly these working hours are in the morning but it may differ from person to person. So choose something that suits you.
  2. Get started early: Once you are done with morning rituals, you can start working to avoid morning sluggishness.
  3. Choose your dedicated workspace: Choose a specific room or corner in a room to spend working hours, which will make you more productive.
  4. Pretend like you are working from the office: Such thinking will help you from being lost while working from home and you will feel more productive.
  5. Plan your day like you are in the office: At home, you are your own manager, so to stay focused on work. Plan your day with schedule, create events and reminders for this you can take help of online calendar e.g. Google calendar

I hope you will have a productive lifestyle during these quarantine days. Stay Home, Stay Safe!

Dr. Parth Thakkar, Reader, Dept. of Public Health Dentistry, Karnavati School of Dentistry (KSD)

Disclaimer: The opinions / views expressed in this article are solely of the author in his / her individual capacity. They do not purport to reflect the opinions and/or views of the College and/or University or its members.

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