Positivity & Lockdown

To begin with a prayer in this tough times is probably a right

સર્વે ભવંતું સુખિંનઃ
સર્વે સંતૂ નીરમાયા:
સર્વે ભદ્રાણિ પશ્યાંતું
માં કશ્ચિદુકહભગ્યાભ વેત્

With the above prayers for all, I would definitely say that we all will sail through these rough times of the global pandemic of COVID-19. We as mankind have defeated many adverse conditions with grit, togetherness and discipline.

Different experts from different fields are predicting a huge downfall in global economy, and employment. There would be many more negative impacts. But I reiterate that this too shall pass as every cloud has a silver lining.

If we talk about the education sector, it is true that it is badly hit as schools and colleges are closed indefinitely, exams have been postponed and admissions have been delayed. When we think about term ending, completion of syllabus, quotas of clinical postings etc, things have become uncertain.

But kudos to the management of Karnavati University, university president Mr Ritesh, Provost Dr. Shishoo and Dean Dr Dipti, for letting not the academics to be affected. All the faculties have taken up this lockdown sincerely and have followed the mantra “work from home”.

The students have accepted various “online platforms” effectively & positively. They have been taking an active participation in seminars, case discussion, journals, club discussion, with faculties chipping in with creative inputs, raising academic levels to a new high.

We Indians are God gifted. We adapt very aptly to any adverse conditions.

A happy and a healthy mind can change the world to its benefits.

Stay Positive, Stay Safe. We will surely emerge victorious.

Dr. Nilesh Raval, Professor & HoD, Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology, Karnavati School of Dentistry (KSD)

Disclaimer: The opinions / views expressed in this article are solely of the author in his / her individual capacity. They do not purport to reflect the opinions and/or views of the College and/or University or its members.

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