Red for Interview

Every year in September, UWSB gets involved with lots of pre placement activities. Right from acquiring hard skills and remembering various jargons that can help ace the campus placements, there are a few soft skills which although silent carries a lot of weight if executed in right way.

Many students underestimate the power of colors at job interviews. Of course the age old blue and grey and black suits play the perfect role and apply to all job types. The new age HR enthusiasts have often shared that a hint of pop color adds grace and shows a bit of the candidate’s personality which makes it easy for them during selection process. For example, a red tie or red socks often show confidence and adds in to the way the students/fresher/ candidate carries themselves.

A pastel yellow or lavender shirt often adds a fresh touch and shows a friendly nature in the candidate. In certain sales job, a friendly or extrovert nature is supposed to help enhance your skills at your workplace. A black is often classic and never goes wrong but it projects a dominance or dominating nature in a human. This is often why only candidates at managerial positions and above prefer to wear black at interviews. It helps them in acing the leadership position. Also a classic beige suit with a pristine white shirt helps perform well at the interview by creating a powerful personality as a candidate.

Have you ever been to a readymade garment store and counted the number of pinks or reds or greens available in formal wear shirts? All these three will make 25% of the stock as compared to the whites and blues which will be about 70% and the rest will be a few other shades.

Often a candidate should dress up according to the industry they are interviewing for. If they are going for an interview in an entertainment sector, anything colorful and vibrant will be considered positive. It reflects the nature and enthusiasm in the candidate. The same may not work if you are going for banking job interview.

Many corporates have uniforms for their employees at all levels, including polo tees and it doesn’t really matter to them what color of clothes the candidate is wearing but it certainly tells a lot about the candidate’s personality. An HR manager /interviewer will take about 7 seconds to scan through your resume and about 60 seconds to scan you from the way you dress up and shake hands. A fairly subtle shade of orange or maroon can also turn all heads and bring all the attention on you. The next step is to make sure you speak the right set of words to create a pleasing and winning performance.

Kunj Ganatra, Faculty, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

Disclaimer: The opinions / views expressed in this article are solely of the author in his / her individual capacity. They do not purport to reflect the opinions and/or views of the College and/or University or its members.

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