This line “Ye Din Bhi Beet Jayenge” adds strength to a person during hard times and inspires them to stand tall.

The current coronavirus pandemic has left us pondering if this time is affecting all of us in adverse ways? It’s worth a thought. The answer most likely will be “not really”. Are we, middle class, actually stuck in a problem? Not really. Then who is? They are one whose breakfast, lunch and dinner are dependent on daily wages, one who do not have proper shelter or stock of rations of a week or a month; they are the one who are not even aware of the exact symptoms and signs of the disease and instead they find the other inappropriate ways to address their pain and disease. Then, the question arises that how can we help them out in this situation? One could be donation through the government relief funds, but the more important thing is to inform the government about the location of these people so that we can help the right person at the right time.

Secondly, we can utilize this time in learning new things, recreating old memories, as we may not get this time again at all. One new thing that I learned during this time is online teaching to my students, a really good initiative taken by our institute. This helps us be in touch with our students. There is no barrier for them to solve their doubts and we can also constantly motivate them to study well. This is also very important time for us to sharpen and update our knowledge more through various webinars.

We should thank all the volunteers and non-profit organizations who are helping out the needy ones without any expectations and are venturing into a high-risk environment, working day and night.

Lastly, we need to pray for all those people who have been affected by the outrage of the disease. Let’s pray for all the healthcare professionals, who are working in a high-risk environment without seeking appreciation. We should also cooperate with the police and the investigating team who risk their lives and face many problems when people resist. I urge every person in general to cooperate and stand for one’s country in this difficult time. Perhaps, we can stand back fast and say, “Ye Din Bhi Beet Jayenge”, in true sense.

Kudos to the Government of India and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the early measures in the favor of the country.

Hope you all are safe.

Jai Hind

Dr. Shivanginiba Zala, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Prosthodontics, Karnavati School of Dentistry (KSD)

Disclaimer: The opinions / views expressed in this article are solely of the author in his / her individual capacity. They do not purport to reflect the opinions and/or views of the College and/or University or its members.

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