How are Brands Using the Most of AI? Examples Curated for Students Pursuing Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial intelligence has become a buzzword across sectors. Everyone is talking about it and it has transformed the way the world works. For many students who want to pursue an artificial intelligence course, it remains unclear what the technology is all about and how brands are using it. In simple words, artificial intelligence is the simulated ability of a machine to imitate human behaviour. By using this technology, brands are making our lives easier. Want to know how? Keep reading: 


  • Netflix: The world’s most popular subscription-based video streaming site uses artificial intelligence to predict your next binge series. By collecting massive amounts of data, the video streaming service, work out what your favourite shows are. Not just that, the entire catalogue of movies and shows are ordered for each user in a personalised fashion thanks to artificial intelligence. 


  • Google: Without artificial intelligence, Waymo’s self-driving cars would have remained a dream. Waymo is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google. Waymo’s self-driving taxis are currently taking riders around California. Though a human driver still seats in the car, this is a big achievement. There’s another innovation from Google called —- Google Duplex. The AI voice interface can make phone calls and schedule appointments on your behalf. Google Duplex is meant to sound natural so one doesn’t feel as if they are speaking to a machine. 


  • Facebook: Human language ability is unique. Facebook is using artificial intelligence and deep learning to understand and interpret the content and emotional sentiment of the thousands of posts through DeepText, a text understanding engine. One of the big advantages is the automatic removal of spams.  


  • Amazon: Amazon has been using artificial intelligence to improve its business efficiencies. It understands customer search queries to recommend relevant products. It is also understanding the context of the search or purchase so that it can recommend complementary items to its customers. Amazon’s Alexa is the best example of how Amazon’s products are evolving. The voice-controlled virtual assistant plays songs, creates to-do lists, orders items online. It can also answer questions (via internet searches).


  • Nike: Shopping for shoes online can be a hassle even when you know your size. Nike came up with a foolproof way of wrong the shoes with the right size. The footwear brand launched an app that allows users to scan their feet with a smartphone camera. Available as both in-store and at-home options, the app addresses the problem of customers ordering and wearing the wrong-fit shoe.


  • Sephora: When to comes to buying cosmetics, customers can get overwhelmed with so many shades and colours. Beauty retailer Sephora partnered a with facial analysis and visualisation technology firm to help customers recommend shades. All one has to do is simply upload their photo and the app using artificial intelligence will match shades and recommend products. Not just that, the app allows users to try on the products virtually to see how they look on the, 


The impact of artificial intelligence can be felt across industries. From letting users unlock smartphones with their faces to having virtual assistants answer your questions, artificial intelligence has great potential. If you are planning to do a bachelor in artificial intelligence, explore  B.Sc. (Hons.) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offered Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI). The course gives you an in-depth understanding of the technology. It also includes an industry-based internship so that you gain hands-on training that will be needed in the real world. 

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