How to be a Great Editor? Tips From One of The Leading Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

If you love to write, read and have an eye for detail, then a career as an editor can be exciting for you. An editor is responsible for deciding what finally appears on a newspaper, magazine, news portal or website. An editor decides what stories should be covered and finally published. He or she collaborates with reporters, writers and junior editors to come up with the edition. An editor works his or her way up after having worked in various capacities such as copy editor, editor-in-chief, or associate editor. An editor reviews articles and suggests changes regarding their style of writing, punctuation, and grammar. He or she ensures that the writing style is in sync with the editorial policies of the organisation. If you are wondering what it takes to become a great editor, here are some tips from one of the leading journalism and mass communication colleges: 


  • Read as much as you can: The first and foremost thing you need to do to prepare yourself for an editing career is to read. Reading gives you a peek into different writing styles such as argumentative writing, analytical writing and narrative writing. Start reading write-ups that you wish to edit. If you wish to become a lifestyle magazine editor, you must acquaint yourself not just with writing styles but also with trends and topics covered.


  • Develop a flair for writing: If you are interested in the field of editing, honing your writing skills can really helpful. As an editor, you have to think like a writer and reader as well. A good editor knows what a writer is trying to say and he or she ensures that the message is conveyed to the reader in the right manner. 


  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in journalism: Most aspiring editors generally kickstart their careers by gaining a formal education. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in journalism is a great way to understand different nuances of journalism as well as writing. Composing a write-up, copyediting, fact-checking, proofreading and critiquing are some of the skills that you will get to develop while you are studying. You can major in journalism, film studies or digital media depending on your interest. In today’s digital world, editors must be skilled in multimedia. They also need to be social-media-savvy. 


To start your editing career, apply to leading journalism and mass communication colleges like Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts & Mass Communication. Our BA Hons journalism programme is designed to give you hone your writing, reporting and video production skills. You also get hands-on experience in software tools used in the media industry. The course also involves an internship that gives students to get relevant industry exposure. 


  • Gain writing and editing experience: The media industry is fast-paced where editors have to think fast on their feet and take decisions. To become a great editor, you have to work your way up by gaining relevant and valuable experience. You can gain writing and editing experience by interning or working in newspapers, publishing houses and magazines. 


  • Find your niche: Once you will start working, you will have to work towards finding where your skills and interests lie. There are many different kinds of editors —- proofreaders, online editor, commissioning editor, content editor and contributing editor. Just like other careers, you have to gain experience to become a great editor. 

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