Interior Design and Commercial Space: Check out these Trends

Designing interiors for commercial spaces requires a fine balance between efficiency and aesthetics. In addition to performing their basic functions, design elements in a commercial space should have a human-centric focus on the well-being of employees and others who occupy the space. From extending outdoor space and adding biophilic elements to the decor to integrating technology, interior designers are going the extra mile to create a commercial space that is engaging and comfortable.

If you want to pursue bachelor’s of interior design, here are some commercial design trends to help you understand the landscape:


  1. Additional outdoor space: Many commercial spaces are expanding their outdoor space as a well-planned outdoor area allows people to enjoy the sun and the outside view. This is particularly seen in the restaurant industry where businesses are adding patios and rooftop areas with water bodies and plants to help their guests enjoy nature while gorging on different types of delicacies.
  2. Green walls:  Google, Amazon, eBay and many other companies are embracing living walls instead of artworks. Green walls or living walls are panels of plants, grown on walls or vertical structures attached to walls. Living green walls are also called vertical gardens. Green walls not only purify the air but also offer benefits connected to biophilic design: the concept that people are more creative and productive when they feel closer to nature inside their places of work.
  3. Natural light: It is not surprising to see the growing popularity of skylights in commercial buildings. Numerous studies have shown that exposure to natural light offers many benefits including increased productivity and creativity. A skylight serves as a window on the ceiling that allows natural light to flood the room and add visual flair. Apple’s iconic 5th avenue store has 64 skylights.
  4. Biophilic flooring: When it comes to commercial spaces, the flooring can make or break the overall look. Designers are now introducing biophilic elements into the flooring with natural materials such as marble, granite, Kota stone, slate and hardwood to create spaces that are an excellent example of organic balance and harmony. Biophilic flooring helps the residents and visitors of a building connect with nature which in turn boosts their creativity and cognitive function.

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