Master of Laws at Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL): Important Things to Know

Earning an LLM degree allows you to take a one-year course to gain in-depth knowledge of a specific area of law. Master of Laws builds upon the foundation of an LLB degree and allows candidates to choose a specialisation in line with their interests and the demand of the market. Students studying Master of Laws at Unitedworld School of Law  can earn specialisation in:

  • Corporate Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Criminal Law and Security Law
  • Human Rights Law

Why Pursue Master of Laws:

  • Establish yourself as an authority: If a particular area of law interests you, specialise in that – for instance, intellectual property law or criminal law and security law, you can major in that area. This will help you establish yourself as an authority in the chosen field.
  • International job opportunities: As a Master of Laws degree is recognised all over the world, having earned a qualification will help you practise abroad. Expertise in subjects such as Intellectual Property will increase your competitive standing.
  • Better job opportunities: Gaining specialist knowledge has the potential to open the door to many career opportunities. An LLM degree helps you stand out from the crowd and will give your CV an edge. After completing a Master of laws you can work as


  1. Lawyer: After completing a Master of Laws , you can work as a lawyer for individuals, companies and MNCs.
  2. Judge: It is an esteemed position in the legal or judiciary systems. To become a judge, you need to have subject-matter expertise.
  3. Legal advisor: The job of a legal advisor is to offer legal counsel to a client or company. A legal advisor can also work for the government as a public prosecutor and represent the government in the court of law.
  4. Notaries: A notary is a trained and professional jurist, appointed by the court and approved by the state or central government. He or she is in charge of all the procedural matters.
  5. Oath commissioner: The oath commissioner is authorised witnesses and administers the affirmations or oaths in legal matters.

These are just a few of the many legal professions that you can opt for after completing the Master of Laws.

Eligibility for Master of Laws at Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

To apply for the Master of Laws at UWSL, you need a three or five-year LL.B Degree from any Indian or Foreign University recognised by the UGC with at least 50% marks or equivalent grade (45% for SC/ST Candidates). Candidates who have appeared for the final year LL.B examination can also apply.

Entrance examination

Admission will be based on merit prepared based on entrance examination and personal interview.

Why pursue Master of Laws at UWSL ? 

  • >> Holistic learning: Our campus has all the facilities needed for students to gain expertise in law. From moot court trials to frequent court visits, all efforts are made to help students understand court proceedings.
  • >> Value-added certificate courses: There are several value-added certificate courses such as Tally, debating skills, communication skills, drafting skills and soft skills that students can choose from. These courses are designed to help build students’ personalities and increase their employability.
  • >> Mentoring by honourable judges and veteran lawyers: As part of the masterclass, several judges and lawyers visit the campus and share useful insights with students. Masterclasses involve lecture and lab work and learning through practical training.
  • >> Professional experience through internships: A very important part of our LLM programme is the internship. As part of the course, students get to train under experienced lawyers and learn first-hand about real-world legal challenges.
  • >> Participation in legal aid clinic: Students also get to take part in the legal aid clinic where they offer free and competent legal services to the residents of surrounding villages at its college campus.

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