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Spectra is a new age CMF (colours, materials, finish) study for sustainable and future tech generation. It is important to understand how CMF is playing an important role in today’s Automotive industry and beyond. This was a project done during the CMF Design Odyssey Internship, under the guidance of my mentor Prajakta Parmar (Renault) . People underestimate the power of design and are oblivious to the important part CMF plays in their everyday life. We are extremely sensory beings and CMF design enhances our human experience. Colors and materials excite us and have the ability to influence our behaviour and state of mind.

Initially the project started out as a trend report which later involved creation and exploration of materials and its application.This project involved looking at the future of CMF design in the automotive industry and looking closely at what would be trending in the coming years and how the shift in consumers mindset post the pandemic would bring about change in CMF. Extensive research was done to map out what the future consumers would prefer and this led to three core themes and material directions. Each direction involved a different set of thought process and strong reasons behind it . The overall themes give a glimpse into what the upcoming years could look like and also put forward what and I have learned and to challenge what the future can be.

Neha Banerjee, Sem. 8, Automobile & Transportation Design, School of Industrial Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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