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What can you do with a Degree in Financial Accounting?

October 5, 2021 It would not be wrong to say that financial accounting is the language that all businesses speak. In-depth knowledge of financial accounting can make a professional valuable to a company.  Students of financial accounting can help future employers not just in evaluating the company’s financial health but also help make data-driven decisions regarding investment opportunities, budgets, and resource allocation. For students interested in financial accounting,  a BBA degree in financial accounting is a great stepping stone.

Study BBA (Hons) in Finance to give financial accounting career a kick start

Our BBA (Hons) in finance course helps students gain specialized knowledge of financial accounting and reporting. During the three-year course, they are taught to make informed predictions and forecasts about insurance and investments. Our well-designed course help students learn about various financial components such as portfolio management, corporate finance, and international finance. The curriculum also includes modules on communication skills, management skills, and professional networking skills —- these are some skills that will help students throughout their corporate life.

What can you do after financial accounting for BBA?

Students who opt for a financial accounting specialization can go on to pursue careers such as:
  • Forensic accountant
The rise of the digital economy has transformed many financial services. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is a huge demand for forensic accountants. A career in forensic accountancy is ideal for those who have a knack for details and excellent numeracy skills, along with an investigative bent of mind. A forensic accountant audits financial records and determines liability, fraud, and valuation. As a forensic accountant, you can work for multinational companies, nonprofit organizations, government, and even law-enforcement agencies which are investing white-collar crimes.
  • External auditor
Almost all companies hire external auditors to examine their financial records and other data. External auditors are expected to share their unbiased financial opinions with the company so that it knows where it stands financially. External auditors also share their insights after evolution based on which the companies take financial decisions.
  • Stock broker
Having a deep understanding of financial tools and investment portfolios can help students explore a career opportunity as a stockbroker. A stockbroker manages clients’ investments by buying and selling stocks, shares, and other financial products with the aim of getting them good returns. Working on commission, stockbrokers act as an intermediary between the clients and the stock exchange.
  • Financial analysts
In the financial services industry, one of the most coveted careers is that of the financial analyst. A financial analyst evaluates investment opportunities. A financial analyst could work for banks, mutual funds, securities firms, insurance companies, and other businesses.
  • Risk analysts
Risk analysts identify, analyze and document the risks associated with a company’s business operations. They help companies evaluate the risk in investment decisions and determine how to manage unpredictability. By evaluating risks, they help limit potential losses.
  • Personal financial advisors
There are many high net worth individuals who hire the services of financial advisors. Financial advisors help their clients understand the health of their finances and make personal investment decisions. There are many career opportunities that a degree in financial accounting can led to. Studying from a good business school like Unitedworld School of Business can help you learn best practices from experienced professors and industry experts. Besides BBA (Hons) in finance, we also offer:
  • BBA (Hons.) Marketing
  • BBA (Hons.) Entrepreneurship and Family Business
  • BBA (Hons.) Operations Management

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