What is The Scope For Fashion Designing in India?

A career in the world of fashion can provide you with several opportunities, ranging from becoming a fashion designer to a fashion stylist. Fashion design is a great career choice for those who have a flair for creativity, style and originality. Though fashion designing is a competitive field, there is a huge scope for fashion in India. Post successful completion of the bachelor of fashion design, students have innumerable career options in front of them. Fashion consultant, textile designer, style editor and retail manager are just some of the career opportunities that students can choose from. 


Over here we discuss the scope for fashion designing in India and the job roles that students can take up after graduation: 


  • Fashion illustrator: When people think of a fashion designing course, the first job role that comes to mind is that of a fashion designer. In the creation of apparel, there are many people involved. One such person is a fashion illustrator who comes up with the idea in a visual form of illustration or drawing. The fashion illustrator creates primary sketches based on which fashion designers work. They one of the most sought after professionals in fashion houses and garment companies. 


  • Fashion coordinator: In any fashion house, a fashion coordinator is quite an important person. The reason being he or she has a finger on the pulse of the fashion industry. The job of a fashion coordinator is to be aware of fashion trends and coordinate with different departments to ensure that patterns, fabric and design are of the latest fashion trends. Fashion coordinators are often tasked with the job of maintaining a unified and organised look of fashion brands. 


  • Creative directors: Many fashion graduates take the role of a creative director in fashion magazines or apparel companies. Besides a keen fashion sense, creative directors use their skills in creating concepts. They do not design a piece of clothing but rather come with the whole concept. For instance, creative directors are the brain behind photo shoots for magazines or fashion brands. They focus on how the audience will perceive a fashion magazine or a fashion brand. They are the top driving creative force in their organisation. 


  • Fashion writer/blogger: After having worked in the fashion industry, people who have a way with the words often go on to become fashion writers or bloggers. Being avid followers of fashion trends, they write with appealing content on prevailing fashion trends. To become a good fashion blogger, one needs to possess good communication skills, writing skills and a sense of fashion. Though there are no specific qualifications needed in order to become a fashion writer. A fashion designing course helps in developing skills for spotting fashion trends. 


If you are passionate about fashion, then Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a great institution to study fashion designing course. Our B.Design Fashion Design helps students to not just gain technical skills but also to discover their individual aesthetic philosophy. As one of the leading Bachelor of fashion design colleges in Ahmedabad, we prepare students for dynamic and fast-paced fashion industry. Students get to gain mastery in ethnic wear, women’s wear, men’s wear and creative pattern making. 


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