Books for Students Seeking to Take Admission in Fashion Design College in Gandhinagar

Fabrics, textiles, colours, patterns, fit and purpose: There are so many things that every fashion student must learn in their journey to becoming an accomplished designer. However, there is another important thing that fashion students need to learn — it is the ability to find their unique style. If you are planning to seek admission in a fashion design college in Gandhinagar, here are some must-read book for you:

  • Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior:

This bestselling fashion classic is all you need to wrap your head around all the fashion jargons. Written by the world’s most influential fashion designer, this book not just gives you the meaning of fashion words but also how those accessories can be used. From what to wear to a wedding to how to tie a scarf, this book is full of useful gems for students of fashion.

  • The End of Fashion by Teri Agins 

Though written at a time when fast fashion had not become the buzzword, this book is relevant even today. The book covers all aspects of the fashion industry from manufacturing, retailing, licensing to image making and financing. Written by a Wall Street Journal reporter, this book not only covers the creative aspect of the fashion industry but also the business side of it.

  • The Battle of Versailles by Robin Givhan 

Though this book revolves around one of the most historic international fashion shows that saw a face-off between American and French designers, it covers the cultural, historical and social changes that took place in the world of fashion during the 50s, 60s and the 70s. If you want to learn about the history of international fashion, grab this book.

  • Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton:

There are no two ways that Alexander McQueen has changed the fashion landscape with his avant-garde creativity and artistry. He is among the rare designers who see clothing beyond their physical constraints. This book captures McQueen’s journey as a fashion designer. How he started his fledgling label to how he continues to fearlessly challenge the conventions of fashion..

  • The One Hundred by Nina Garcia:

Considered as one of the most stylish women in the fashion industry, Nina Garcia, the editor-in-chief of Elle, shares an  exhaustive list of the essential must-have pillars of the fashion world. Though written for anyone who is interested in fashion, this book is particularly important for fashion students and celebrity stylists as it lays a solid foundation for buying ‘investment pieces’ rather than falling in the trap of fast fashion.

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