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Madhya Pradesh is famous for its vast textile history. It housed the cultural heritage of Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, etc. Countless monuments, beautifully sculpted temples, stupas, forts and palaces are dotted throughout the state. The state of Madhya Pradesh has countless tourist attraction sites ranging from medieval towns and wildlife sanctuaries to pilgrimage centers. It includes monuments, archaeological sites, sculpted temples, stupas, forts, palaces, etc. Gwalior, Mandu, Datia, Chanderi, Jabalpur, Orchha, Raisen, Sanchi, Vidisha, Udaygiri, Bhimbetika, Indore and Bhopal are the places well known for their historical monuments.

Auto and auto parts

The size of the auto parts industry in the state is $ 306 million. Auto parts players dominate Sixty percent of Madhya Pradesh’s auto industry. The state has developed a 5,000-hectare industrial district in Pithampur, which provides easily accessible infrastructure for the Companies wishing to set up manufacturing facilities.

Waste management

Madhya Pradesh produces around 7,999 tonnes of electronic waste per year and ranks seventh in terms of waste generation in the country, he added. Madhya Pradesh does not have a recycling unit for electronic waste; we are considering sending it to Maharashtra and other states.

Gems and Jewellery

Madhya Pradesh is the only Indian state with diamond mines. Thus, the cutting and polishing of diamonds can become an important industrial activity here, fuelling the growth of the jewellery-making industry. With 604,000 carats of proven diamond reserves, it represents 99% of India’s total reserves. It is one of the major diamond producers in the country.

Author: Aman Ali BBA Sem VI and Gunjan Sood, Assistant Professor – Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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