Career Opportunities after B.Sc Computer Science: Check this Read

B.Sc. Computer Science is one of the most popular courses for students in India today. If you are passionate about computer hardware, software and programming, you might already know that a B.Sc. Computer Science may lead to a rewarding and lucrative career in the IT sector. This is because computer science has become an integral part of all businesses. From banking to manufacturing, from fashion to e-commerce, there is no industry untouched by the advancements of computer science.  The wide application of computer science across industries makes it a promising career choice.

Here are some career opportunities that can be pursued after completing B.Sc.  Computer Science:


  1. Data scientist: The role of a data scientist is to apply technical skills and knowledge, which includes predictive modelling and machine learning. Their basic work includes collection, analysis and interpretation of data by using a variety of statistical and analysing tools to detect trends and patterns and spot the relationship between various elements of the data.


  1. Application analyst: The role of an application analyst helps an organisation achieve its short-term or long-term goals by designing and creating various useful computer application systems. This is one of the most rapidly growing fields and can prove one of the best career options after pursuing your B.Sc. Computer Science or B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence.


  1. Information systems manager: An information systems manager is responsible for the computer systems within an organisation. Before rising up the ladder, the person needs to have experience in technical support or operations.


  1. Web designer: The job of a web designer is one of the most sought after for students that have completed their B.Sc. Computer science. The job of a web designer includes developing websites, working on visual effects to appeal to the targeted customers and focusing on databases and software. Structuring a website with constant changes and visual effects is also done by web developers.


  1. Technical support representative: This career option after B.Sc. Computer Science of a technical support representative is to address customer issues. Technical support representatives are also responsible for maintaining customer interaction records, installing various equipment, interacting with people to improve company requirements and its success.


  1. Database administrator: The job of a database administrator involves handling databases and a different set of databases. They are responsible for monitoring the database to ensure that the databases are running smoothly without any interruption and are not overused.


  1. Software engineer: Software engineers design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software. Software engineers’ code and tools are always evolving and thus, companies always need software engineers to keep up with the change.


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