FAQs on Automotive Design Course

Be it Volkswagen Beetle or Fiat or Porsche, they are all design icons in the automotive industry. The front fascia, leather interiors or scissor doors are all about design. Before a vehicle hits the road, it has a long journey from being a sketch to the production line. In this journey, automotive designers play an important role of conceptualizing, sketching and recreating the sketch using CADD software. Automotive design is a creatively rewarding and lucrative career.


If you are planning to pursue a bachelor of automotive design, here we answer some of the frequently asked questions on the automotive design course that you may find helpful:


Question 1: What to study to become an automotive designer?

A bachelor of automotive design course can help students kick start their careers as automotive designers. Our B.Design (Hons.) Automobile & Transportation Design is a four-year program that helps students to learn automobile sketching, styling cues, surface modeling and clay modeling. During these four years, students get hands-on training in well-equipped labs and studios. They get constant exposure to industry trends under the guidance of industry experts and experienced faculty members. A very important part of the course is an internship where students get real-life industry experience.


Question 2: Is there scope for automotive design?

There is a huge scope for automotive design in India as the country has the fourth-largest automotive industry in the world. After completing their bachelor’s program, students can work in:

>> Automotive design studios

>> OEMs

>> Transportation system design firms


They can pursue exciting careers such as

>> Vehicle interior designer

>> Colour material finish trim designer

>> Vehicle exterior designer

>> Vehicle accessory designer

>> Class A surface modeler

>> Digital sculptor


Question 3: What skills does an automotive designer need?

Automotive design is a unique field that involves creativity, engineering, and design. To curate different components of vehicles, an automotive designer needs to possess sketching skills and technical skills. However, that’s not it. They also need a good understanding of mathematical calculations as they closely work with automotive engineers to ensure that the design meets the requirements of the company in terms of aesthetics as well as cost.


Question 4: What do automotive designers do?

Automotive designers draft layouts of automobile components, assemblies, and systems using sketches, models, and prototypes. While doing this they have to keep in mind not just the car company’s image and values but also the regulatory laws.


Question 5: How can I take admission into an automotive design course?

Most design colleges have entrance exams for admission. At Unitedworld Institute of Design, Karnavati University, eligible students have to appear for a two-tier evaluation process. First, they have to appear for a design aptitude test. Those who clear the test are called for the second round — Situation Test (ST) and Portfolio Evaluation (PE). To apply for all our design courses, such students must complete class 12 with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks from any recognized higher secondary school board. Students who are waiting for results can also apply. Besides B.Design (Hons.) Automobile & Transportation Design, we also offer a bachelor of product design, formally called B.Design (Hons.) Product Design.

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