For Students Planning to Pursue B.A. Psychology: Check these Interesting facts on Abraham Maslow

Studying psychology is interesting as it offers insight into the human mind and behaviour. If you are planning to pursue BA psychology, at some or the other point, you will come across the name of Abraham Maslow. Known as the father of humanistic psychology, he developed many theories that are still being referred to today in universities across the world. If you are planning to pursue B.A. Psychology, here are some interesting facts on Abraham Maslow:

  1. He spent his childhood mostly in the library: Maslow grew up with six siblings. He described his childhood as unhappy and lonely. He spent much of his time in the library.  
  2. He studied law first only to switch subjects later: Maslow studied law at City College of New York (CCNY). But he soon transferred to study psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he eventually earned his Ph.D. After graduation, he began teaching at Brandeis University and later joined the faculty of Stanford University.
  3. His hierarchy of needs is one of the best-known theories of motivation: Maslow is best known for his work on motivation, which led to his famous “hierarchy of needs” theory. Maslow’s 5 categories of human needs that dictate an individual’s behaviour are:
    • Survival: The most basic need of all is the need for survival. This includes the need for food, water, shelter, and clothing. People will do whatever it takes to ensure their survival, even if it means breaking the law.
    • Safety and security: Once people have their basic needs met, they then seek out ways to feel safe and secure. This includes the need for a stable job, a safe place to live, and reliable transportation. People want to know that their basic needs will be met on a regular basis.
    • Love and belonging: After people have their basic needs met and they feel safe and secure, they then begin to seek out ways to feel loved and accepted. This includes the need for friends, family, and intimate relationships. People want to feel like they belong somewhere and that someone cares for them.
    • Self-esteem: Once people have their basic needs met, they begin to seek out ways to feel good about themselves. This includes the need for achievement, recognition, and respect. People want to feel like they are valuable and that their work or accomplishments are worthy of praise.
    • Self-actualisation: The final need in Maslow’s hierarchy is the need for self-actualisation. This is the need to reach one’s full potential and be all that one can be. A strong sense of purpose often drives people who are self-actualized and who are continuously growing and learning. They are also accepting of themselves and others, and they have a deep appreciation for life.
  1. Maslow studied Albert Einstein for his theory: For his self-actualisation theory, Maslow studied prominent people such as Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frederick Douglas and other prominent personalities.

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