For Students Planning to Pursue B.A. Psychology: Here’re Some Interesting Facts on Viktor Frankl

If you are interested in psychology, you are likely to come across the term ‘logotherapy’. Logotherapy is derived from the Greek word “logos.” It focuses on finding meaning in life. This can be done by exploring one’s values, beliefs and goals. The aim of logotherapy is to help people live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. But do you know who is the person behind the concept of logotherapy? It was Viktor Frankl who wrote immensely on searching for life’s meaning as the central human motivational force. Here we have curated some interesting facts on Viktor Frankl for students planning to pursue B.A. Psychology.


  1. He was a holocaust survivor


An Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl was a Holocaust survivor. In his famous book, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, he detailed his experiences during the Holocaust and his psychological observations about life.  While in Auschwitz, he used his observations of the other prisoners to develop his theories on meaning and hope. He was liberated from the Dachau concentration camp in 1945. After the war, he returned to Vienna and set up a private practice.


  1. He focused on suicide prevention


Frankl had already begun to specialise in suicide prevention and the treatment of

depression when he was in the concentration camp. He spent three years there and endured many horrors and losses before emerging as the only survivor of the group.


  1. His book sold over 12 million copies


Frankl’s book, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’,  has sold over 12 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 24 languages.  The book dwells on the idea that freedom is often associated with limitations. According to his book, the primary motive of humans is to search for meaning or purpose in their lives.


  1. His autobiography was published just before he died


He published his autobiography just before he died in 1997. The book is titled ‘Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning and Recollections: An Autobiography’. In this book, he wrote about his own journey to find meaning in his life,  as well as the stories of others who have also gone through a search for meaning. In his book, Frankl shares his insights on what it takes to find ultimate meaning in life, as well as how people’s own experiences can help them to understand the meaning of life.


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