How AI is improving the customer experience in ecommerce business: Useful insights for BSc in artificial intelligence and machine learning students

Artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly transforming the eCommerce industry. AI is helping online retailers to deliver a highly-personalised customer experience and make better business decisions using customer data. If you are planning to pursue BSc in artificial intelligence and machine learning, here are some interesting insights on how AI is improving the customer experience in ecommerce business: 

  • Personalised product recommendations

AI is being used to offer personalised product recommendations based on past customer behaviour — searched products, previous orders and browsing habits and how similar customers shop. Using the captured data, retailers implement a marketing campaign which includes  automated personalised email campaigns or create a personalised product list. With personalised product recommendations, online retailers can benefit from customers’ inclination to impulse buy. 

  • Dynamic pricing 

AI helps eCommerce businesses to follow a flexible pricing strategy.  The strategy allows them to offer their products at an optimum price after taking into account their own costs and their competitor’s prices. It helps businesses to stay competitive and allows customers to buy the same product at low prices at different platforms. 

  • Virtual assistants and chatbots 

With virtual assistants and chatbot technology, online retailers are able to deliver better customer service. While these virtual assistants and bots aren’t completely self-reliant, they can facilitate simple transactions. They can direct customers to particular product pages or FAQs so that they can find the best response to their queries. This leaves customer support agents (humans) to focus on more complex issues. 

The best part is that virtual assistants and chatbots are available 24/7, so low-level questions and issues can be addressed at any time of day, without making customers wait.

  • Virtual try-ons

These days, many online retailers offer Augmented Reality (AR)- and AI-enabled experiences that give customers more immersive experiences. AR and AI together make it possible for customers to see how a new pair of sunglasses might look on their face or how a piece of furniture would look in their living room. Virtual try-ons not only offer customers the convenience of shopping from home but they get a better idea of what a product looks like when they will use it. 

  • Sales and demand forecasting 

AI can help retailers plan their inventory on the basis of both real-time and historical sales and demand data. AI monitors shifts in consumer demand and helps retailers to leverage the data to offer better price optimised products or launch targeted marketing campaigns. 


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