Planning to Pursue a Bachelor Degree in Product Design? Here are Some Useful Insights Skills Needed to become a Product Designer

Career as a product designer is not just lucrative but also creatively rewarding. Using the understanding of technology, materials and manufacturing methods, a product designer either creates new products or improves the design and usability of an existing product. If you are planning to pursue a product design bachelor degree, it is important to understand what skills a good product designer possesses to create products that provide excellent user experience. Here are some useful insights skills needed to become a product designer:  

1. Computer coding skills 

Having good coding skills allows a product designer to develop product software or user experience designs. While you are pursuing your product design bachelor degree, it is a good idea to learn  coding languages such as C++, CSS and JavaScript. 

2. Visual design skills 

It goes without saying that to create an aesthetically pleasing product, product designers need to have the ability to apply fundamental design principles. When you are studying product design, make sure that you are familiar with different elements of visual design such as layout, colour theory and typography. All these elements determine how products are perceived by consumers. Also, a product designer is proficient  at using a wide range of visual design software such as Figma, Sketch and Adobe Creative Suite. 

3. UI and UX design skills 

Before a product is launched, a product designer needs to spend a lot of time researching what a product will look like and what consumer pain points it will address. For this, a product designer uses a combination of technical skills and workplace skills. For this, it’s important that a product designer possesses User interface  (UI) and UX skills.  Product designers can implement UI design skills to build product interfaces that are visually appealing and easy for consumers to use. UX skills are important for creating a product that provides a positive user experience. For this, a product designer must know how to create wireframes, proptypes and mockups. 

4. Leadership skills: 

Although leadership skills are required in all the industries, it is important in product design because it helps a designer in seeing the big picture and overseeing a project. A product designer who is in the managerial positions ensures that the team meets project milestones and completes projects within the established timeline.Knowing how to lead a team and execute a bigger idea vision can come in handy as a product designer. As a product design student, you can build leadership skills by taking lead in college projects. 

Looking for  product design colleges in Gujarat? 

We, at  Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID), offer B.Design (Hons.) Product Design. Our four-year course is designed to help students become competent product designers. To offer a conducive learning environment, we have advanced amenities and infrastructure. We have a 3D sculpting lab equipped with the latest German and Japanese tools, a digital lab with Cintiq Pro and workstations, high-tech 3D Printing Lab and advanced Laser Labs. Our faculty members are from prestigious institutes such as IIT-Guwahati, IIT-Kanpur, Nottingham Trent University (UK) and Florence Design Academy Firenze (Italy). For UID admissions 2023-2024, click here.

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