Planning to Pursue B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication: Check these Inspiring Books on Journalism

“Journalism is in fact history on the run”.

— Thomas Griffith

Journalism is a creatively rewarding career field. By showing a mirror to society, journalism can make a difference in people’s lives.  Journalism is one institution that ensures that public figures are answerable to the people. There are so many books about reporting skills or how to write better or what happens in the newsrooms and to what extent journalists struggle to dig for the truth. If you are planning to pursue B.A. journalism and mass communication,  here are some inspiring books on journalism:

  1. Inside Reporting by Tim Harrower: Unlike other forms of writing, news writing must be balanced, accurate, fair and properly attributed. The news reports should tell the full story without the reader losing interest. This book is full of engaging information on reporting and packaging stories in a way they are interesting and interactive. The book also talks about writing feature stories and column writing. This book can be found in many newsrooms and classrooms around the world.
  2. The Ethical Journalist: Making Responsible Decisions in the Digital Age by Gene Foreman: If there’s one thing journalists have to do day in and day out is taking decisions that may impact someone’s life in some or other way. Therefore, aspiring journalists must make decisions that are ethical. Written by a revered editor, the book deals with issues such as the principles of fairness and accuracy, the duty of verification, the role of social media, the problems of plagiarism, fabrication, and conflicts of interest. Written in an engaging fashion, the book is a guide for aspiring journalists that will help them to make responsible professional decisions.
  3. The Corpse Had A Familiar Face by Edna Buchanan: This classic by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author is an inspiring read. It chronicles the journey of the author of covering crime stories on the streets of Miami’. The book unravels what it took for her to get the story and tell the truth, no matter how gruesome it was. Despite covering so many unfathomable crime stories, the book is full of sharp wittiness.
  4. Politics and the English Language by George Orwell: This is one of the best books by author George Orwell. Though written in 1946, the book is still relevant today. The book says there is a link between the degraded English language and the degraded political situation. He said that the vague nature of modern day language is intended to hide the truth rather than unravel it. The book is apt for young journalists and writers who are looking to give their writing a personal and original touch. Orwell says that instead of repeating familiar phrases, writing should be more focused on individuality and originality.

Good writing skills drive effective communication which is important for aspiring journalists. If you wish to hone your writing skills, here are some tips to write clearly and concisely.

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