Planning to Pursue B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Check these Industry Trends

Artificial intelligence will have a more profound impact on humanity than fire, electricity and the internet.

— Sundar Pichai, Google CEO


From Netflix recommendations to Amazon’s Alexa, artificial intelligence has now become part of day-to-day lives.  All the new devices that people currently use have AI built into them and a lot of machine learning tools are used to come up with mobile apps. If you’re planning to pursue B.Sc. artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s important to stay on top of emerging AI and machine learning industry trends. Here are some industry trends that you must know about:


  1. The world is embracing hyperautomation: Automation has been a buzzword for quite some time. However, this is changing as the world is moving towards hyperautomation. As the name suggests, hyperautomation is a one step ahead of automation. It is an infrastructure of advanced technologies that are used to scale automation capabilities in an organization. In simple words, it further automates already automated processes. For this, technologies such as AI and ML, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are used.


  1. No code or less code machine learning: In many companies, the scarcity of skilled AI developers or engineers is acting as a hindrance in adopting AI technology. The latest developments in machine learning are — no-code and low-code technologies. They offer simple interfaces, in theory, to develop highly complex AI systems. These simple interface tools let users create web pages simply by dragging and dropping graphical elements together.


  1. Transforming of the creative industries: Creativity is a fundamental feature of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are gradually foraying into creative industries too. The world’s first artist robot, Ai-Da, creates artwork, using cameras, AI algorithms and her robotic arm. Using artificial Intelligence, musicians can produce endless variations of melodies.


  1. Digital personal assistants: AI-powered digital assistants have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. From playing music to checking flight timings, they can be of great help. Howber, these AI assistants are getting more and more sophisticated. They can also perform more complicated tasks such as navigating medical records or booking flights, setting up meetings or calling emergency services. Using AI and machine learning, these assistants will automate tasks and manage workflows.


Want to pursue a B.Sc. artificial intelligence and machine learning? 

The adaptation rate of new artificial intelligence and machine learning is high across industries and there is an immense amount of career opportunities for students. However, make sure you pursue a bachelors in computer from a reputed university like ours. Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI) offers B.Sc. Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  We offer industry oriented curriculum that are designed to make students job-ready.

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