Tips for Completing your Thesis on Time: Useful Insights for Students of Phd in Legal Studies

A Ph.D. in legal studies is one of the most fulfilling pursuits for academics. The comprehensive and specialised nature of the course gives you an in-depth understanding of the legal system. Completing a Ph.D. in legal studies can open doors to various opportunities and help you in career advancement. After completing the Ph.D. in legal studies, you can choose to become a legal advisor, legal practitioner, jurist, consultant, lawyer, researcher and solicitor. When you pursue Ph.D. admission in law, completing your thesis on time is essential. Here we share with you some tips to complete your thesis on time:

  1. Make sure you meet the Ph.D. requirements:

One of the most important things to do when you are embarking on a Ph.D. journey is to ensure that you meet all the requirements set by your institution. One way to do this is to double-check with your institution and supervisor to make sure you are on the right track. This can save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. 

Additionally, it is important to be aware of formatting requirements when you are creating your thesis. For example, many students overlook the margin, spacing and font requirements set by their university. To save time and hassle during the post-production process, ensure you have a premade template with the correct margins, spacing and fonts.

  1. Create a timeline:

Creating a timeline is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth Ph.D. journey. This means planning for your dissertation well in advance and taking research projects that are well-oriented toward the kind of dissertation you will undertake. By doing this, you will not only be on track but will be able to monitor your progress better. Having a realistic schedule and plan will also help as it will give you an idea of how much work still needs to be done and what can be realistically achieved within the timeframe set.

  1. Keep it clear:

A Ph.D. proposal should be clear and concise and provide specific details about the sample, methods and variables you intend to use. Choosing a dissertation topic that interests you or one you are passionate about will make the research process more enjoyable and may also help to keep you focused on completing the project. 

  1. Break your thesis work into different stages:

You can divide your thesis into the following stages: :

  • Idea collection: During this stage, your aim should be to get as many ideas as possible down on paper. This means that you should not worry about editing or formatting your document. Just let your ideas flow freely and see where they take you. You may be surprised at how easy it is to come up with new and exciting ideas once you let go of the need for perfection.
  • Editing and data analysis: Editing and data analysis are essential steps in the research process. During the editing phase, it is important to be rigorous with your writing and ensure that your manuscript has a clear structure and logical flow of arguments. This will allow you to submit your research for review by your supervisor.
  • Polishing: The final stage of writing a dissertation is polishing. In this phase, you have to address the feedback from the committee and if any gaps in the logic, fill them. The goal is to produce a well-written and cohesive document that reflects your hard work and represents your research in the best possible light. To do this, you will need to revise and edit your work, paying close attention to detail. You may also need to add new material or make changes to the structure of your dissertation.
  1. Use time management or project management apps:

You can find many project management mobile or computer apps that help you to keep all of your project details organised and in one place. They allow you to create virtual boards in which you can pin all your tasks, outlines, ideas and deadlines. 

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