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Useful insights for students studying B.Design (Hons.) Animation and Motion Graphics

March 7, 2022

Be it animated movies or e-learning platforms or social media ads, companies are using animation and motion graphics to capture the attention of their audience. If you dream of an animation career and are wondering what skills are required to become an animation designer or what is the scope of the animation industry in India, you are on the right page. We, at Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID), share with you useful insights for students pursuing B.Design (Hons.) Animation and Motion Graphics:

  1. Motion graphics vs graphic design: The biggest difference between the two is the use of animation. Graphic designers do not work with animation. They work with still images to make posters, flyers, magazine and newspaper ads, banners, infographics, and banners. Motion graphics, as the name suggests, feature a moving element. Motion graphics can be used in videos and social media posts. A moving logo is also an example of motion graphics.
  2. The Indian animated film was released in 1957: The first Indian animated film, The Banyan Deer, was released in 1957. Since then, animation has made its way to many industries. Today, animation and motion graphics are used not just in the entertainment industry but also in education, advertisement, marketing, gaming, simulations, and many others. India’s animation and VFX industry was valued at around Rs 53 billion in 2020, with estimates of growth up to Rs 129 billion by 2023.
  3. Skills motion graphic designers should have: Motion graphics designers need not just technical skills but also soft skills to excel in their roles. It is important for students studying at B.Design (Hons.) Animation and Motion Graphics to use their course duration to focus on both technical and soft skills. Skills motion graphic designers need:
  • 3-D modeling: 3D modeling is a complex technique that requires sophisticated software. Students must make sure they equip themselves with the skills. 3D modeling skills help create virtual characters and breathe life into concept art and sketches.
  • Time management and organization skills: Creating motion graphics is a time-intensive process. To excel as motion graphics designers, students must learn how to be organized and manage time effectively.
  • Texturing and lighting effects: The audience doesn’t see the model, they see the shapes and the images. Motion Graphic designers should understand how texturing and lighting effects will affect what they are creating.
  • Understanding the big picture: Good designs are not standalone items. A good designer should know the purpose of their designs and design as per the application and audience.
  • Communication skills: Motion graphics designers have to collaborate with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. Having good communication skills can help them collaborate better.
  1. How to become an animator or motion graphics designer: A bachelor’s degree in animation can give students a deep understanding of technical skills that are needed most in the industry. Our B.Design (Hons.) Animation and Motion Graphics program is designed to prepare students for exciting careers in the fields of graphic design, advertising, web design, multimedia design, print and publishing, scenic and graphic design for film, or related fields. Students can also go on to work in the field of UX/UI, digital marketing, brand management, and exhibition design.

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