Useful Insights on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Theorist Alan Turing

There are no two ways that artificial intelligence has become a part of daily life. Banking and finance, chatbots, smartphones with face ID and ridesharing apps all use artificial intelligence. But did you know that it was Alan Turing who spearheaded the science of computation? Known as the father of artificial intelligence and of modern cognitive science, he made some remarkable contributions. 

If you are planning to pursue machine learning and artificial intelligence courses, you will find these insights on Alan Turing interesting:

  • He was a genius since school

When Turing was in school, he would solve complex equations and problems despite never being taught. He graduated at King’s College, Cambridge, where he published many papers. The most remarkable among them was a proof demonstrating that some purely mathematical questions can never be answered by computation. 

  • Turing pioneered the idea of computer memory 

In 1936, Turing published a paper called “On Computable Numbers”. The paper is hailed as the founding document of the computer age. In the paper, Turing said that one day machines could compute any problem that a human could. It was him who proposed the ideal of single-task machines that would be able to tackle all kinds of problems. This laid the foundation for modern computers. He devised the first example of the modern computer which was known as the Turing Machine. 

  • He invented the CAPTCHA 

It is known that CAPTCHA is used for protecting websites against bots. It asks you to complete a test that proves you are human and not a computer. But do you know what CAPTCHA stands for? CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. He was the first person to set standards of intelligence to differentiate humans from machines. 

  • He broke the Enigma Code in World War 2 

Turing played a significant role that helped in saving millions of lives. His work helped in breaking the German military codes. The 2014 movie The Imitation Game captured this historical contribution that shortened the war by two to four years. 

  • He was also interested in biology

In 1952, he published a paper on how biological shapes and patterns develop. In the paper, he suggested that animal patterns such as leopard’s spots or giraffe’s spots were determined by the physical laws that govern how certain chemicals react. He used maths to produce a pattern resembling a real animal pattern. 

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