Essential Skills that you need to become a Good Web Journalist: Useful Insights by a Reputed College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and mass communication is one of the most sought-after professions. With the changing digital landscape, there is huge demand for web journalists in TV news channels, web portals and digital media platforms. Pursuing BA (Hons.) Journalism can help you learn key subjects and give you a solid foundation. However, there are several skills that you can develop while pursuing your coure. This can give you an added advantage. As a reputed college of journalism and mass communication, we share with you essential skills that you need to become a good web journalist:

  1. Good communication skills: It goes without saying that good communication skills, be it oratory or written, are among the most essential skills for journalists in gathering and delivering news. Good oral skills are important as journalists are expected to interview people from all walks of life. How well journalists communicate with people they are interviewing can influence their story. Effective writing is important to articulate points and write it according to the web audience.
  1. Digital literacy: Today’s world of journalism is driven by digital technology and it has become utmost important that journalists are digitally literate. They are expected to use digital platforms, multimedia tools, Internet, web, and social media platforms to create infographics and reports that are visually interesting.
  2. Research skills: The very foundation of journalism is good research. Journalists, whether they work for newspapers, magazines or web portals, need to possess good research skills so that they can make sure that their stories and reports are accurate and objective. Good research means sourcing information from reliable sources, speaking to experts and cross-checking facts from multiple sources.
  3. Video production skills: It would not be wrong to say that content is visual driven in today’s world. Web journalists should learn the art and science of taking impactful images. Besides knowing the technical details of using a camera, they should also know how to edit photos and publish the captured content.
  4. Problem-solving skills: In their journey to put together an accurate story, journalists encounter many challenges. They might come across sources with vested interests, reliable sources who are unwilling to talk or technological challenges. A problem-solving approach is important for journalists to come up with solutions in real-time. Web journalists who host live broadcasts should particularly know what to do when there are technical glitches. The ability to handle day-to-day problems is the hallmark of a good web journalist. It is essential that they have the ability to think on their feet.
  5. Critical thinking: While critical thinking is essential in all the industries, it is particularly important in the media industry. Learning how to think critically encourage journalists to not accept things at their face value. It allows them to look at a subject from different angles and then decide which angle they wish to focus on.


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