Director: Mr. Shrut Brahmbhatt

About the Research Centre:

The Centre of Corporate Governance and Corporate Training (CCGCT) aims at analyzing and addressing the prevalent issues of corporate governance and ethics through expansion of visibility and recognition of the centre, primarily by publications in professional, international journals, and also through different academic events and policy work.

CCGCT visions at contributing to corporate law regime through research, deliberations, sensitization, policy intervention and thereby addressing the existing lacunas of the Corporate Sector.

Activities done so far:

1. Doctrinal Study: Doctrinal study on four different areas carried out along with the Student Research Associates of the Centre. The different areas included Arbitration Clause in AOA, Corporate Criminal Liability, Intricacies of Artificial Intelligence and effect on corporate sector, and Interface between Corporate and Competition Law. The studies are submitted to Centre Directors and are being reviewed by the Centre Directors. The centre aims at publishing the same from scholarly journals.

2. Non-Doctrinal Study: The Student Research Associates are, under the guidance of directors, preparing/submitting proposals to carry a non-doctrinal study on different topics related to corporate governance and teaming offered by various external agencies/organizations.

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