Director: Dr. Malay Patel

CLP is one of the centers established with the aim to promote, research pertaining to law and philosophy. The centre is committed to the idea that the study of law is deepened when grounded in philosophical principle, and philosophy is of greater benefit to society when relevant to pressing practical and legal issues. The centre aspires to include legal theorists, as well lawyers with philosophical training and philosophers with interests in legal questions as there active members—the centre nurtures a desire to conduct interdisciplinary and collaborative researches pertaining to philosophy, social sciences and Law. The long term objective of the centre is to publish high quality research paper in the relevant journals. To achieve this long term objective the centre would organize workshops and seminars throughout the year to promote the free exchange of ideas on important questions at the intersection of law and philosophy.

Activities Update

The Centre has conducted two courses till date

  • European Law (18th to 21st November 2019) – Conducted by Prof. Krystian Complak
  • Common Law vs Chinese Law (24th to 25th February 2020) – Conducted by Capt. Dr. Vivek Jain.
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