Faculty Co-ordinator : Dr. Arun Kumar Singh, Associate Professor of Law, Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University.

Faculty Co-ordinator : Ms. Bhawna Bhardwaj,  Assistant Professor of Law, Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University.


The Centre for Research on Criminal Law (CRCL), UWSL is a specialized Centre, established by Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University to encourage the discussion as well as study on Criminal Law and its application on the society. The ambit of criminal has expanded since its commencement.New challenges are conferred by the advancement of technology.Consequently, the expansion raises various concerns about theoretical and practical aspects of law. The raising questions fascinate and engage the scholars and academicians in the field of law and many other disciplines, policymakers, social groups and individuals. Therefore, the centre is committed to encourage research and analyse the dynamic field of law. The centre also provides a platform for intellectual and academic discussions about the multifaceted dimensions of criminal law.


The centre would endeavor for development, advancement and exchange of knowledge building and enhancing capacities througha strong focus on effective knowledge transfer and advocacy for policy and law reforms.


The mission of the UWSL Centre for Research on Criminal Law (CRCL), is to promote research and advancement in the field of Criminal Law through deliberations, sensitization, policy intervention and at the same time suggesting filling of the gaps and lacunas in current Criminal Laws.


The Centre aims to study, conduct and foster research on Criminal Law, legal procedures and roles of legal actors of the Criminal Justice System, as a social force that enhances social order.The center aims primarily to engage in empirical research, discussion and publication on Criminal Law, its process and administration by taking an inter-disciplinary and comparative approach to the study of Criminal law, Criminal Justice and related research that are quintessential for pressing local, national and international significance.


The type of intellectual activities that the Centre is engaged to-

  1. Promote and advance national and comparative research and scholarship in the field of criminal law, criminal justice and punishment.
  2. Conduct inter-disciplinary research to shape public policy, discourse and practice.
  3. Contribute to the field of Criminal Law Literature by organizing conferences, seminars and workshops, webinars, symposium, expert lecture on various contemporary and emerging issues relating to criminal law
  4. Collaborate and coordinate with various departments concerned with criminal law such as Police and Police Administration, Forensic Science Labs and sensitizing students, professionals and other stakeholders regarding emerging trends in Criminal Law.
  5. Provide broader overview of Criminal Law to the students by the way of field visits and survey.
  6. Attempt to critically analyze, the trends and developments in the criminal justice institutions, legal and regulatory framework of Criminal Law in India and abroad.


UWSL Centre for Research on Criminal Law (CRCL), UWSL tries to analyze and address the prevalent issues relating to the functioning of Criminal Justice System and its stakeholders. The cutting-edge research and scholarly publications in reputed national and international journals shall give due recognition to the Centre.

"Visit to National Forensic Science University "

UWSL, Criminal Law(Hons) Students along with Faculty Members, visited National Forensic Science University and had the first hand experience of exposure to various forensic science laboratories. They were briefed about various Forensic labs such as Laboratory of Forensic Odontology, Ballistic Research Center and Testing Range, Center of Excellence in Cyber Security, Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature Lab and Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory function with respect to crimes committed, their functioning and mechanism. The visit enriched the practical knowhow of the students. It was a Great experiential learning.

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