Faculty Co-ordinator : Ms. Aaratrika Pandey, Assistant Professor of Law, Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University.

Faculty Co-ordinator : Ms. Stency Mariya Mark, Assistant Professor of Law, Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University.


The Centre for Research on Human Rights (CRHR), UWSL is a specialized Centre, established by Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University, to stimulate discussions on the concept of human rights and how the law can be used in the service of human rights. Since independence, India has made significant efforts to strengthen the constitutional, legal and institutional framework to protect and promote human rights. This work has been supported by an active and sensitive judiciary, which has safeguarded and strengthened existing civil and political rights as well as meaningfully expanded the notion of rights to including basic economic and social entitlements. Notwithstanding the progress made, human rights violations continue to be reported demonstrating the shortfalls in the existing system. This scenario underscores the need for continued efforts to develop a culture of human rights accompanied by legal initiatives upholding human rights. Therefore, the Centre willwork to connect the knowledge in socio-legaland cultural realms that impede the achievement of higher human rights compliance.


The Centre for Research on Human Rights (CRHR), UWSL intends to preserves humanity by creating awareness, sensitization, research, deliberations, and policy intervention and thereby addressing the existing socio-legal gaps.


The mission of the Centre is to institutionalize human rights in civil society within the national and international context through active participation with civil society and state to realize the ultimate aim towards dignity, respect, protection and development of every human being.


This Centre strives to understand and keep up with the ever-evolving field of Human Rights better every day to make the global society in general and Indian society in particular, truly sensitive for human rights of people, irrespective of their caste, class, religion, gender, ethnicity, or place of origin.The Centre concentrates on conceptualizing various phenomena, laws, policies and processes address or lead to violation of human rights contextualizing violence and discrimination, in specific as human rights violation. The focus of the Centre is to understand the nature, dynamics and various angularities of human rights violations at both, theoretical and empirical levels with holistic perspective of policy analysis and implications. The concern of the Centre is also to generate database through intensive researches, especially the marginalized communities.

We further aim to initiate collaboration, regional, national and internationallevel to preserve Human Rightsand to create awareness in the present society.


The type of intellectual activities that the Centre is engaged to-

  1. Promote the study of human rights and provide appropriate inputs for creating a human rights’ based on legal regime by engaging the academic community, human rights activists, lawyers and the wider public;
  2. Promote the mainstreaming of human rights in all economic, social and cultural decision-making, by both state and non-state actors;
  3. Build capacities of state and non-state actors in India, with the aim of improving their compliance with human rights standards, norms and best practices;
  4. Act as a platform of human rights impact assessment examining policies, legislation, programs and projects to identify and measure their effects on human rights; 
  5. Facilitate national and international collaboration between organisations working in the area of human rights and the teaching staff of the University;
  6. Organize regular conferences, seminars and symposia in India and abroad on the theme of human rights violations in collaboration with various institutions;
  7. Provide a common platform to the students for various local and national bodies/organizations working on human rights issues;
  8. Organizing public talks and various guest lectures on the subject of human rights by eminent scholars and critical legal thinkers; and
  9. Establishing links with civil society organizations engaged in combating human rights violations for the betterment of the civilised society.


The Centre for Research on Human Rights (CRHR), UWSL tries to analyze and address the prevalent issues relating to the Human Rights Law. The cutting-edge research and scholarly publications in reputed national and international journals shall give due recognition to the Centre.


Right To Education Drive
"Date: January 23rd, 2023"

The Centre for Research on Human Rights, UWSL organised a right to education drive for the students of Smt. JMG High School, Shertha Village, Gandhinagar. They presented an engaging Nukkad Natak and speech on Right to Education inculcating various scholarships available at Digital Gujarat Portal to support socially & economically weaker section students at different stages in their education.

National Girl Child Day Celebration
"Date: January 24th, 2023"

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela
The Centre for Research on Human Rights organised a right to education drive on the occasion of National Girl Child Day celebration for the housing/ground staff of Karnavati University. The event emphasised on promoting awareness on the girl child education, their health and nutrition. A Nukkad Natak revolving around the importance of education especially for the marginalised poor sections of the society and government schemes like Vahli Dikri Yojana, tuition sahay yojana, mid-day meal, etc. to support the studies at various stages of the education.

"National Conference on Human Rights : Issues, Perspectives and Realities"
"Date: 22-July- 2017"

"International Interdisciplinary Conference on Covid and It's Impact on Human Rights"
"Date: 27th August 2022"

Unitedworld School of Law hosted the International Interdisciplinary Conference with the agenda of "Covid-19 and its impact on human rights" which was jointly organised by The Center for Research on Human Rights (CRHR) and Gujarat State Human Rights Commission. We were pleased to welcome Hon'ble Justice Mr Ravi R. Tripathi, Chairperson of Gujarat State Human Rights Commission as our chief patron of the conference. Various presenters put forward their paper on the agenda at hand and discussed the matter not in black, not in white but about what goes unseen - the grey area in between. The conference remained quite insightful where the audience as well as the speakers took part in a knowledgeable experience.

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