Centre Director: Mr. Shrut Brahmbhatt, Assistant Professor of Law, Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University.

Co-Director: Ms. Priyanka Taktawala, Assistant Professor of Law, Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University.


Modern technology driven era has been witnessing enormous growth of literary and artistic works in the society. The multidimensional approach as well as the flamboyant identity of Intellectual Properties in the Industrial Sectors is gaining its importance due to the vibrancy and dominance of the commercial world today. Although Intellectual Property Protection has taken up great role contemporarily, its execution and sensitization amongst society is yet to be achieved. UWSL Centre for Research on Intellectual Property Rights (CRIPR), deliberates essentialness of intellectual property through various academic and extension activities and scholarly discussions made thereby.


UWSL Centre for Research on Intellectual Property Rights (CRIPR), aims at contributing to Intellectual Property regime through research, deliberations, sensitization, policy intervention and thereby addressing the existing lacunas of Intellectual Property legislations.  


The mission of the UWSL Centre for Research on Intellectual Property Rights (CRIPR), is to promote research and study of Intellectual Property from national as well as international perspectives. Centre shall encourage students towards policy oriented study and research of issues impacting Intellectual Property Protection in the context of emerging national and international trends.


The aims and objectives of the Centre are to provide platform for inputs in IPR at national, regional and international level, to conduct seminars on inter-disciplinary issues on IPR, to provide knowledge on social, ethical, legal and economic aspects of IPR, to support organizations in international negotiations before WTO and UN, WIPO, to provide support for discussion and research in the field of IP to students and to undertake research to recommend improvements in various laws and international conventions, to plan activities in the field of IPR, in collaboration with national and international organizations, to collaborate with world class organizations across the world in organizing Certificate Course, Seminars and Conferences, to establish Karnavati University as a nodal agency for research and training in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and to provide academic research of doctrinal and empirical in the field of IPR.


  1. To carry out research on Intellectual Property Laws.
  2. To organize/conduct academic/training programmes related to IP laws.
  3. To provide legal infrastructure to IP related issues of Industrial sectors located in Gujarat.
  4. To design research proposals and carry out research on distinct forms of Intellectual Property.
  5. To analyze critically, the trends and developments in the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for Intellectual Property in India and abroad.
  6. To identify training and development needs of the officials of the legal, regulatory agencies associated with implementation of IP Laws including its rules, regulations and guidelines.


UWSL Centre for Research on Intellectual Property Rights (CRIPR), aims at analyzing and addressing the prevalent issues on protection of Intellectual Property Rights through expansion of visibility and recognition of the centre, primarily by publications in professional, international journals, and also through different academic events and policy work.

  • Extension / Training Activities:





One Day Workshop on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ organised by Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University jointly with Government of India – DPIIT IPR Chair, Gujarat National Law University in collaboration with Cell for IPR Promotion and Management (CIPAM) in Hybrid mode

February 10, 2022


Virtual IP Awareness Week organised by Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University.

June 28th to July 03rd, 2021

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