Center Director: Dr. Debarati Halder

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To conduct research on women and child rights issues.
  2. To spread awareness about issues for women and child rights.
  3. To collaborate with other stakeholders for campaigning, research, counseling on women and child right issues.

Activities Update:

On the occasion of women’s day students and faculty (director) had created an online collage campaign on different issues of women’s rights. This was shared through personal profiles with hash tags to reach maximum outreach.
The Centre of Corporate Governance and Corporate Training (CCGCT) aims at analyzing and addressing the prevalent issues of corporate governance and ethics through expansion of visibility and recognition of the centre, primarily by publications in professional, international journals, and also through different academic events and policy work.

Future Plan:

Bringing out newsletter on women and child rights (students and faculties are working on it currently).

Organizing a special session for law students on child rights with UNICEF

Organizing a special session for law students on women’s rights with UNDP & UN women

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