Nikita Jodhani

The day I entered college I had one quote in my mind which says

“A college degree is not a sign of a finished product but an indication that a person is prepared for life”. Today when I think of this statement after three years from passing out of UnitedWorld School of Business, I think its cent percent true.

I feel lucky to be a part of UnitedWorld School of Business as it has help me grow so much academically and also as a person. From walking in as a fresher to walking out after 3 years with alot of development makes me happy of what I have become. The guidance that I have received from each and every professor from the college, helps me today in my life. They have always been friendly and helpful at all the times. They have also helped me define my identity. Today when I walk out of the university, I see myself as a confident and a strong leader. This has also helped me discover my area of interest and for that I will be pursuing masters in the field of Occupational and Business Psychology from Kingston University, London in September 2021.
Apart from that, it is not always about the grades, there were many extracurricular activities that were conducted which were fun loving and enjoyable. The night classes were cherry on a cake.
Summing it up, it is a blessing to be guided by the most committed, knowledgeable, patient and caring professors. I will always be grateful and blessed to be a part of UnitedWorld School of Business, Karnavati University.


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