Parmesh Upadhyay

On the very first day of my college I understood that my 5 years journey is going to be fantastic and memorable. As expected in the first year only I started witnessing great things like Conferences of Supreme Court Judges, Senior advocates, etc all that was new for me.

Events and management has always been intriguing for me and as a result in the first year only I was part of many events organized by UWSL. I have volunteered in many National seminars and conferences in the first year only. I have also got chance to organize National Moot Court and National Client Counseling competition. As a result I was called on by Management of Karnavati University to be part of Student Governing Council which primarily focused on organizing events and competition across University. I was always connected with sports and hence I chose to organize sports events and I became Department head for law. In next six months only I was promoted to take over the position of Sports General Secretary of whole University.

Karanavati University gave me opportunity to work with and for some great personalities from very beginning. In Youth Parliament of India I worked closely for Celebrities like Arjun Rampal, Manoj Joshi, Tech heads like Sam Pitroda, and ministers like Piyush Goyal, Amit Shah, etc I have also worked with international influencers and designers from Google & Microsoft.

During all such events there were times where I barely got to sleep and many time I had to sleep in campus only and I can say that KU is my second home. The exposure and support I get from university is tremendous and I don’t think I would have got it anywhere else and I dont think I would have grown better anywhere else then Karnavati University.

— Parmesh Upadhyay, Sem. VIII, UWSL

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