Satviki Harshvardhan Trivedi

““Design is an experience for life. It influences and impacts our today and our tomorrow” This is something that I’ve always believed in from the day I decided to enter into the field of design. UID has really made me sensitive towards nature, materials and my passion. I celebrate the experience in UID by continuing to contribute my bit to the society through design. I’ve also evolved a lot as a designer. All my efforts go into changing the design philosophy from untenable to sustainable from refuse to re-use from conventional to unconventional design solutions. UID has made me understand all my responsibilities towards environment, society and culture. It has made me fall in love more with the process than the outcome. It has made me realise the deepest of values that our country holds in terms of art, craft and design. Carving out the best from the local and vernacular surroundings has really given me a whole new perspective. I strongly believe that “uniqueness of any design lies in the way it makes a person feel”. This thought has made me more versatile, adaptable and experimental.

I’m extremely grateful to UID for always boosting my confidence and giving me countless opportunities to learn, create and experiment. Also grateful for constantly putting me outside my comfort zone and widening my perspective.”

— Satviki Harshvardhan Trivedi
Interior & Furniture Design 2012 – 2016

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