Anuj Gosalia

“Telling stories that can connect with the masses is at the heart of everything we do at Terribly Tiny Tales”, said a young and enthusiastic modern day entrepreneur, Mr. Anuj Gosalia, the Founder & CEO of the world’s most celebrated micro-fiction platform. His witty comments and cheerful demeanor engrossed the audience during today’s session of [email protected], just like people get addicted to the short yet significant stories they publish on #TTT.

Writing should be lucid, a better form of communication, that can touch a chord with the masses and make them feel connected. It can also be a serious tool to raise our “not so heard” voices, a beneficial cathartic release or an effective art of expression that can help us stroll around a utopian world.

A metaphor here, an anecdote there, great writers have always found beauty in imperfections, grandness in the simplicity of life, and exemplified the larger than life characters by painting them in different shades of emotions.

Through an engaging discussion, wonderful audio-visual presentation, and an array of interactive activities, Mr. Anuj took the students through all the nitty-gritty of the modern day writing practices.

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