Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff

“When you start to aspire success, it’s about the front two rows, it requires guts to sit in the front seat..don’t hope to be oblivious, take up the challenge, come up and sit where it matters!”
– Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff exemplified the behavioural attribute of successful professionals with simple anecdotes.

In today’s exciting and insightful session of [email protected], Karnavati University was proud to host young & bold Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff, MD & CEO of Kalorex Group (bringing a paradigm shift in the modern-day schooling system in India), who with her profound entrepreneurial spirit established herself as one of the greatest educationists in Gujarat.

Her unbridled passion for ‘Unshackling Saraswati’, an initiative to overcome the shortcomings in the education system in India, has always encouraged her to mould local education delivery methods with a global perspective.

Ms. Manjula, with her cheerful demeanour, engrossed the students in an interactive and crucial discussion, while elucidating how imperative it is for the modern-day students to stay aware of the global trends and events as global citizens.
She urged students to take interest, stay engaged and be active in things happening around them. She also talked about how the conservative Indian education system doesn’t allow discussion of global practices in the classrooms.

From Industry 4.0 to VUCA, she took the students through an exciting journey wherein they didn’t only learn about the recent trends but also a comparative analysis of what our education system lacks.
The engaging session ended with a question & answer session wherein the students asked some intriguing questions.

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