Mr. Harold D’Souza, U.S. Advisory on Human Trafficking

Motivational Session By Harold D’Souza

Mr. Harold D’Souza, U.S. Advisory on Human Trafficking, a Survivor-Advocate and co-founder of Eyes Open International, a non-profit focused on developing prevention efforts through survivor informed research, addressed the students of Karnavati University on November 12, 2019 in a session titled ‘You cannot predict your future, but you can create your future’ as a part of Conversations @ KU.

Mr. D’Souza discussed how modern-day slavery occurs in America while sharing his own life story. It was hard for his family to overcome the problem and several challenges were faced in order to re-instate the sound family life. The hurdles faced by his family motivated him to take a stand for all other victims of human trafficking. He strives to be the voice of courage and hope for trafficking victims. His family was exploited for 133 months by a human trafficker and still believe in a quote “Don’t worry, be happy”.

Mr. Harold D’Souza has recently published a book titled ‘Frog in a Well’ which is a guide for readers for turning obstacles to opportunities. This book comprises of quotes to inspire victims and survivors of human trafficking to live beyond their victimization experiences. It encourages others to seek strength in their weakness to lead a happy life.

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